The Hazy Professor

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The Hazy Professor

The Hazy Professor.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle Quests

Experience 0
Gil 1,359

The Deputy Postmoogle has letters from learned fellows.

— In-game description



  • Deliver the letters to Lamberteint in Camp Drybone
  • Place the lovely flowers on the tavern table.
  • Search for the students near Camp Drybone.
  • Speak with Lamberteint.
  • Retreive On the Properties of Aspect Conversion.
  • Speak with Hahasako at Highbridge.
  • Use the special-order sledgehammer to fracture the corrupted crystal.
  • Use the warded pot to collect corrupted crystals.
  • Deliver the corrupted crystals to Ceana.


  • The deputy postmoogle has letters from learned fellows.
  • The addressee this time is Professor Lamberteint, whose reputation as an aetherial researcher is soaring. Now, his three greatest pupils have some business with him, and have sent one missive apiece. Ensure that these find their way into Lamberteint's hands in Camp Drybone.
  • You deliver the letters, only to discover that Lamberteint has no memory of you. With barely a word of apology, he instead informs you of his symposium. Seeing how adept a letter carrier you are, he asks that you place a pot of lovely flowers on the tavern table-- for the sake of his pupils, of course.
  • Lamberteint joins you in the tavern shortly after you arrive, whereupon he shows you his original collection of the On the Properties of Aspect Conversion series, and then proceeds to settle into wait for his students.
  • Much to the professor's disappointment, however, the pupils fail to arrive. Before dejectedly deciding to return to his chambers, he wonders aloud if something might have befallen them on their way. Scout the outskirts of Camp Drybone to see whether or not his fears are unfounded.
  • Though you gaze into the distance till your eyes hurt, you see nothing of Lamberteint's pupils. Go and inform him, and hope he will not be too crestfallen.
  • You bear the bad news to the professor. Though he tries to hide it, you can tell he is quite upset. To make matters worse, he realizes he has forgotten his books in the tavern. Stifling a sob, he bids you retrieve On the Properties of Aspect Conversion forthwith.
  • As you reach for the books, the professor's students appear. They are surprised to learn that Lamberteint is despondent, as the symposium is actually set to begin tomorrow. In spite of this blunder, the three pupils agree to cheer up their professor with a gift of corrupted crystals. To aid them, make your way to Highbridge and speak with Hahasako.
  • Hahasako provides you with a special-order sledgehammer and another warded pot to collect corrupted crystals. Now make your way to the Burning Wall, and there get to work fracturing the cluster.
  • You break shards of crystal from the formation. Place them within the warded pot.
  • You safely store the corrupted crystals within the warded pot. Deliver them to Ceana in Camp Drybone.
  • Ceana and Hedyn are happy you have returned with the crystals. Just as Hahasako offers to summon Lamberteint, the professor suddenly appears. Ceana explains the mishap, and offers him the pot of crystals. All members exchange heartfelt thanks, and, with a little push from Ceana, the professor remembers your role in his success. Lamberteint then names you an honorary member of the intellectual circle, and calls upon you all to continue studying aether.