On a Wing and a Prayer

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On a Wing and a Prayer

Quest giver
Western La Noscea (X:27.5, Y:28.5)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestCall of the Sea
Required items
5 20px  Dusk Bat Wing
Experience 1,440
Gil 0
Next quest
Side QuestMummy Dearest

The first stars flash their pale bellies in the depth of the sky, and Ahldfoet the sailor is in a mood to yarn.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • The first stars flash their pale bellies in the depth of the sky, and Ahldfoet the sailor is in a mood to yarn.
  • Ahldfoet has a slightly grisly request, though you are now an old hand at dismemberment. Hunt dusk bats and collect from them five wings.
  • You have liberated the wings from less-than-cooperative dusk bats. Deliver the leathery trophies to Ahldfoet.
  • The talisman tucked away in his cavernous pocket, Ahldfoet finally gives free rein to his tongue. While you itch to hear more of this tale, it seems clear that for now, the teller is content to let it lie.


Accepting the Quest

Ahldfoet: Ahoy, adventurer. My tub sails soon and I have to have me a little something for the journey. The dusk bats are flying—think yerself lightsome enough to bring me five wings? Four won't do and six is no good, mind ye.
Ahldfoet: Welcome you are to keep any surfeits, 'slong as ye know what to do with 'em. You'll bring me the wings?

Giving the Bat Wings to Ahldfoet

Ahldfoet: Ahoy there. Keep your voice down, nobody's business but ours, innit? You got what I asked for?
Ahldfoet: Them's the ones, and that's as pretty a job as I've seen. Know your way 'round a battle, eh? Well, that's just fine, thank ye. 
Ahldfoet: Why? We sailors can be a superstitious lot, ye know. Some of the crew might look at me odd-like for carrying bat parts. When the wind's done died and the water casks are dry, it's odd one day, overboard the next.
Ahldfoet: What? No superstition about that. The dusker's been my luck since I was a boy. Survived more'n two weeks once on three bats I caught, trapped at the top of an abandoned watchtower. Even ate a wing off one afore I made up my mind up to climb down the wall.
Ahldfoet: This journey, we'll be sailing past the Isles of Umbra and I can feel the sea honing those reefs. The lights at Pharos Sirius burn dim since the Calamity, and I've always found it a mite too much like that old watchtower for comfort.
Ahldfoet: I ain't been that affrighted boy for a long time─ill-used, starved, and more'n half-mad, inching down that sandstone wall on handholds no bigger than a fingertip. But I'll have me five bat wings on every journey, just the same as that boy had.