Razor Clam

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Razor Clam

A long bivalved mollusk most commonly found buried in the beaches of islands situated in the Rhotano Sea. They are known to leap out of their burrows when surprised or agitated.

[Suitable for printing on small canvases.]

— In-game description


Fishing Log: Crescent Cove

Fishing Log: Skull Valley

Fishing Log: The Salt Strand

Retainer Ventures

Used For

See also: Small Angler's Canvas

Razor Clam print.png


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Deepest Cut Levequest quest 15 Orwen

Crafting Ingredient

Item Rarity Class Level Ingredients
Bouillabaisse icon1.png  Bouillabaisse (x3) ABasic Culinarian frame icon.png CUL 50 ★


Class: Culinarian

Potential Results: