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Featurequest.pngWestern La Noscea Quest

Quest Giver Diamanda - Western La Noscea (x26.5, y26.7)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 939
Unlocks Pharos Sirius
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Ultimate Weapon Why So Sirius


Unlocks Pharos Sirius


  • Speak with Davyd at Pharos Sirius.


  • Diamanda's hands are idle, though by no fault of her own.
  • The smith Daimanda has been dispatched to Pharos Sirius to assist in the restoration effort, only to find the lighthouse infested by a siren and its fell minions. Seek further information about this troubling turn of events from the foreman Mimidoa, who bides his time in Aleport.
  • Master Mimidoa confirms the dire tidings and implores you to silence the siren's song, that he and his apprentice may get on with their work. Make for Pharos Sirius and speak with Davyd, a guard posted outside.
  • Heartened by your arrival, Davyd advises you to enter Pharos Sirius via the flood cellar so as to catch your foe off guard. Rid the lighthouse of the siren and its thralls so that the restoration effort might commence in earnest.


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