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Fly Free, My Pretty

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Fly Free, My Pretty

Fly Free, My Pretty Image.png
Quest giver
The Rising Stones (X:6, Y:6)
Quest line

Experience 16,740
Gil 615
Previous quest
The Greater Obeisance
Next quest
The Far Edge of Fate

Yda's eyes shine with rekindled determination.

— In-game description



  • Defeat imperial forces.
  • Defeat imperial soldiers with the Red Baron.
  • Speak with Cid.


  • After the briefest of discussions, the contingent for the Omega expedition is decided, with Cid and Nero providing the technical expertise, while you, Yugiri, Gosetsu, and -- most unexpectedly -- Yda supply the steel. Make your way to the northern bank of Silvertear Lake, where the Excelsior is waiting, and inform Cid of your readiness to depart.
  • You arrive in Carteneau to find that Nero spoke the truth when he declared that you were not the only ones with designs on the slumbering relic. Challenged by a brutish Garlean soldier named Grynewaht, you are soon embroiled in a skirmish with imperial forces. Rather predictably, Nero abandons you without hesitation, employing a teleporter to travel deeper into the facility, and Cid duly pursues him, leaving you to see to the small matter of winning the battle.
  • With a helping hand from your favorite former tribunus, you eventually rout your adversaries, and press on into Omega's control room. There you find Cid and Nero hard at work priming the relic for action, but it is Yda who finally takes it upon herself to press the launch button. Even as Omega takes flight, you cannot help but wonder if you have made a terrible mistake...
  • Initially, all seems to be proceeding as planned, but just as you begin to breathe a little more easily, the signal emanating from the weapon falls silent, prompting Cid to reengage its stasis systems. Struggling to hide his concern, he immediately resolves to head for Gridania to find out what has become of Omega and its target.
  • After a journey spent contemplating all manner of apocalyptic eventualities, you are relieved to find Gridania exactly where you left it. Trouble Cid for his thoughts on what could have become of Omega.
  • Still baffled by the Allagan relic's sudden failure, Cid suggests a firsthand inspection. Perhaps the waiting Alphinaud knows something that might be of use to your investigation...

Solo Duty Walkthrough

Upon speaking with Cid for the first time, you will enter a solo duty.

  • You will fight alongside Yda, Yugiri, and Gosetsu in the Cartenau Flats against Grynewaht and his imperial soldiers.
  • The fight will start with you and your allies beating down a lone Grynewaht. Continue to attack him until he summons imperial soldiers to his side.
  • Grynewaht uses two special attacks throughout the fight:
    • Augmented Uprising is a fan-shaped frontal AoE.
    • Augmented Suffering is a circular AoE covering the area immediately around him. Melee fighters should watch out for this.
  • Grynewaht's attacks will damage and kill his own soldiers, so use your positioning to your advantage.
  • When Grynewaht's health drops to about 50%, a cutscene will play. Afterwards, you will be equipped with a set of magitek armor known as the Red Baron. This armor has four attacks you can use:
    • Magitek Cannon is a circular AoE that deals moderate damage. Use this as your primary attack.
    • Photon Stream is a straight-line AoE that deals moderate damage. The area covered by this attack is smaller than that of Magitek Cannon, so it is not preferred.
    • Diffractive Magitek Cannon is an enhanced version of Magitek Cannon that will kill regular imperial soldiers with one hit. Save this for especially large groups surrounding your allies. Has a 10 second cooldown.
    • High-powered Magitek Cannon is an enhanced version of Photon Steam that will kill all enemies with one hit. This is best saved for the giant-sized Imperial Colossus enemies that appear. Has a 10 second cooldown.
  • After a number of imperial soldiers are defeated, they will flee and you will dismount the armor. Fight Grynewaht a final time, shaving off his health while avoiding his usual attacks. He will also use one new attack called Aerial Bombing, in which he shoots four projectiles into the air. The first three projectiles are placed randomly on the field, but the fourth will always center on you. Dodge accordingly.