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Male ♂
41 (at death)
Hyur (Highlander)

Ala Mhigan Resistance

Curtis Hext is a Hyur.


A hero of the Ala Mhigan revolution, Curtis was once a guard in the employ of the royal household. Unable to endure King Theodoric's oppressive rule, however, he fled with his two beloved daughters—Yda Hext and Lyse Hext—to live off the land as a hunter. Yet the mad king's tyranny grew worse with each passing day, and Curtis, at the behest of his former comrades, was drawn into the ranks of a newly formed insurgent army. His natural charisma soon saw him rise to a position of leadership, and after many a hard-fought battle, he led the charge which would topple the crazed monarch from his throne. But the victory would be short-lived, the Garlean Empire seized the opportunity to launch an invasion in the chaotic wake of the revolution, and Curtis, then forty-one years of age, was killed in the ensuing violence-a tragic end for a man who wanted only a peaceful life for his children.

— Encyclopaedia Eorze Volume II, p. 69