Wrath of the Titan

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Wrath of the Titan

Wrath of the Titan Image.png
Quest giver
Minfilia Warde
The Waking Sands (X:6.9, Y:6.1)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 12,480
Gil 1,404
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestSkeletons in Her Closet
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestTales from the Tidus Slayer

Minfilia is waiting to brief you and your fellow Scions on a new development.

— In-game description


Minfilia is in The Solar.



  • Minfilia is waiting to brief you and your fellow Scions on a new development.
  • Your search leads you to Trachtoum, the self-proclaimed “best axeman” of the Company of Heroes. Explain the situation to him and see what he has to say.


Accepting the Quest (Cutscene)

Minfilia: The Maelstrom requests our assistance.
Y'shtola: Concerning the kobolds they sent such copious notes on, I presume?
Minfilia: Yes, and no. It has more to do with their findings, which portend a peril far greater than any beast tribe.
Y'shtola: What sort of peril?
Minfilia: The worst kind. A tribe of kobolds in the vicinity of Limsa Lominsa has reawakened Titan.
Minfilia: Our task will be to slay the primal. The Maelstrom have sworn support for the endeavor.
Minfilia: They are no strangers to the havoc kobolds can wreak.
Y'shtola: Years before the Grand Company's reformation, two primals, Leviathan and Titan, chanced to converge upon the seawall, wreaking untold devastation.
Y'shtola: There, by the grace of the Navigator, were the mercenaries Merlwyb hired able to fend them off.
Y'shtola: Yet it did not take long for the beast tribes to regroup, and they summoned their primals once more.
Minfilia: Thankfully, their second coming was decidedly short-lived─but that is beside the point.
Minfilia: So long as tormented souls will them to exist, the realm will never be rid of primals.
Y'shtola: The Maelstrom has kept a watchful eye upon the beast tribes─and the kobolds in particular─ever since.
Y'shtola: Which brings us to the matter at hand.
Minfilia: Unlike Ifrit, we know scarcely anything of Titan.
Minfilia: Unfortunately, the only force known to have bested him─the modestly named “Company of Heroes”─disbanded five years since, and mercenaries are not in the habit of keeping chronicles.
Y'shtola: Expect the worst.
Y'shtola: The Maelstrom's help is of course appreciated, but even if we had their whole armada at our disposal, we could still find ourselves overmatched.
Y'shtola: A pity the kobolds lack the gentle sensibilities of the sylphs. A peaceful resolution would be more than welcome.
Y'shtola: The Echo will not avail you this time, I fear. If you are to survive, your steel must needs speak for you.
Y'shtola: No one would think you a coward were you to decline.
Minfilia: So you will accept?
Minfilia: Thank you.
Thancred: We can't very well send her/him to Limsa Lominsa without Y'shtola, can we, Minfilia?
Minfilia: May I ask that of you, Y'shtola?
Y'shtola: I never thought it in question.
Minfilia: Ever reliable.
Minfilia: Very well. We will spare no effort to win victory.
Minfilia: You may count on the full support of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
Minfilia: And all not afield will aid the fight from afar.
Minfilia: Thancred, Yda, go to the Grand Companies. Tell them of our plight and solicit their support.
Minfilia: Urianger, send word to the Students of Baldesion─and Alphinaud, if you would.
Minfilia: Papalymo, compile all the information we have on Titan, little though it may be.
Minfilia: You'll be apprised of the tactical situation when you reach the Sailors Ward.
Minfilia: Provision yourself for the journey. May you walk in the light of the Crystal.

Speaking to Minfilia again (Optional)

Minfilia: Thank you for agreeing to handle Titan and the kobolds. As Y'shtola mentioned, the mission will be fraught with danger, so we will want to spare no preparation.
Minfilia: I shall look forward to your triumphant return, as shall all your comrades. Go with the blessing of the Crystal.

Optional Dialogue in the Waking Sands

Dariustel: "No matter one's past transgressions, all who have seen the dream are welcome." Even men such as we.
Dariustel: I have heard offers such as these before. All were naught more than bait for the hangman's noose.
Noraxia: This one has finally figured out a way to make walking ones be quiet. What does friendly one think? This one is very convincing, yes?
Bremondt: Looks like the Antecedent's found herself a good crop of aspirin' heroes. Aye, I reckon Eorzea'll be alright as long as these fine folk are around to protect her.
Papalymo: Yda is on her way to Gridania to request aid of the Order of the Twin Adder. In the meantime, we must learn all we can of the primal Titan.
Papalymo: Literature may yield us the odd morsel of useful information, but there is no surer way than to seek the former members of the Company of Heroes.
Haribehrt: With this may people here, we need a culinarian of our own. We can't subsist on rations and preserved foodstuffs forever.
Una Tayuun: The Waking Sands sure is busy these days. Fresh-faced 'venturers eager t' make their mark, famous folk like you runnin' off t' face the bleedin' Lord o' Crags...
Una Tayuun: Maybe it's time for me an' the boys to retire. 'Venturin's a dangerous callin', after all—be a little slow, be a little late, just once, an' that's that.
Liavinne: You'll not believe it, but I've been summoned by Lady Minfilia! Do you suppose that she has an assignment for me?
Liavinne: What I would not give to have something to fight for again! And yet, I must not be overeager...
A'aba Tia: Congratulate the boy, [Forename]! Chosen by the Antecedent as the sylph's bodyguard! What an honor!
A'aba Tia: ('Course, this means his dusty rags'll no longer suffice. I say we get the boy a shiny new suit of silver armor, the kind the Sultansworn wear. We split the cost evenly and surprise him. Not bad, eh?)
Arenvald: [Forename], have you heard!? I have been chosen to serve as Noraxia's bodyguard. There have been increasing reports of imperial activity in Thanalan, and so the Antecedent insists that our guest be escorted whenever venturing outside.
Arenvald: I know how hard you of all people worked to endear us to the sylphs. I swear to you that I will guard our honored guest with my life, and not allow your efforts to come to naught.
Aulie: Guarding Noraxia is a prestigious duty indeed. Arenvald is right to be excited.
Aulie: (But he has never crossed swords with a Garlean before. I worry what will happen if he is forced to confront his father's countrymen.)
Biggs: If there's anything we can do to help, no matter how small, just ask. Broken carriage axle, cracked barrel—hells, even a leaky bucket. Say the word and we'll fix it.
Wedge: I don't want to believe that Master Garlond is dead, but the chief wasn't the type to cut and run off. He would've gone to Carteneau. He would've been there when Dalamud fell. Which means...
Clive: I am told you are one of our finest, [Forename]. I suspect we will see much more of each other in future.
Urianger: As the primals fall, so do our spirits soar. Though mine aid be but modest, I nonetheless am heartened in my duties.

Speaking with R'ashaht Rhiki (Cutscene)

R'ashaht Rhiki: Hail, adventurer, and welcome to Maelstrom Command. If you wish to know more about enlisting, speak with the personnel officer.
R'ashaht Rhiki: Unless...you are the guest we were told to expect? Ah...ha. Ahem. Forgive me, madam/sir.
R'ashaht Rhiki: To business, then. It is as we told the Antecedent. The kobolds have once again summoned Titan.
R'ashaht Rhiki: A little over a moon ago, we began to observe the beastmen moving south in increasing numbers from O'Ghomoro.
R'ashaht Rhiki: Our scouts subsequently confirmed the object of their aggression─
Merlwyb: Crystals. Fodder for their fell primal.
Merlwyb: Thank you, High Commander. You may leave the rest to me. Word has spread of your accomplishments, [Forename]. On behalf of Limsa Lominsa, I thank you for heeding our call.
Y'shtola: Forgive the lack of forewarning, High Commander. The Admiral wished to address [Forename] personally.
Merlwyb: We are no strangers to conflict. Long have the Sahagin and the kobolds plagued our people─nor is this the first time we have had to address a primal threat.
Merlwyb: In the past, when Titan rose to threaten the peace, it was to the Company of Heroes we turned.
Merlwyb: But they are long disbanded, and we must look to other brave souls blessed with the strength to face this foe.
Merlwyb: So it is that we turn now to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, confident in the belief that you are Limsa's best hope.
Y'shtola: I hope you are right. Yet the situation is far from simple. The kobolds are not prone to unprovoked aggression. Did not the thalassocracy make a pact with the beastmen that each would keep to their own lands, and that no blood would be shed?
Y'shtola: ...And was it not the Lominsans who violated this agreement, dissatisfied with their lot? Shall we then condemn the beastmen for defending their homes?
Y'shtola: Even a pirate must one day reap what she has sown.
R'ashaht Rhiki: >> I would advise you to choose your words with greater care, Lady Y'shtola! <<
Merlwyb: Stand down, High Commander. She has the right of it.
Merlwyb: And the wrong is mine. Freely do I claim it. Yet it makes little difference. Remorse will not shield us from Titan's wrath. 
...Or would you have us fall upon our swords?
Y'shtola: My apologies, Admiral. The safety and security of Limsa Lominsa's citizenry are, of course, of paramount concern.
Merlwyb: Already, we have observed disruptions in the flow of aether further inland. The effects will be felt here in the city ere long.
Merlwyb: I ask much of you, I know, but the need is great. Can I count on your help, [Forename]?
Merlwyb: You have my thanks, along with the full support of the Maelstrom. I await good tidings.
Y'shtola: That the kobolds should summon Titan demonstrates they are no longer amenable to negotiation.
Y'shtola: This being the case, we must needs prepare for conflict. Before we meet Titan in the field, however, it would be wise to learn all we can of our foe. And I can think of no better source of information than the mercenaries who defeated him once before.
R'ashaht Rhiki: The Company of Heroes may be no more, but several of its former members still live. It is said that one of them is employed at the Grey Fleet mills in lower La Noscea.
Y'shtola: Quite why a mercenary should choose to become a miller, I do not know. When you find him, mayhap you could ask him for me. I, meanwhile, shall seek his fellows.

Optional Y'shtola Dialogue at the Grey Fleet

Y'shtola: The Company of Heroes is the most celebrated mercenary band in the history of Eorzea. Even so, I must admit I have never before met one of their members face-to-face.
Y'shtola: I imagined that a warrior who had toppled both Titan and Leviathan would seek to bask in a lifetime of fame and glory...yet he seems to have settled in a place distinctly bereft of adoring crowds

Speaking with Trachtoum

Trachtoum: Lay down yer burdens, son,♪
           Come drain a pint with me,♪
           We'll have a grand ol' time,♪
           Find ye a lass or three...♪
Trachtoum: Ye gonna say somethin', 'venturer, or just keep starin'?
Eh? Ye want to know about the Company of Heroes?
Trachtoum: Ahhh hells... Price of bleedin' fame... Can't a miller mill in peace no more!?
Trachtoum: Still, seein' as ye've come all this way, I s'pose it wouldn't hurt to oblige ye. Consider yerself lucky, lass/lad─ol' Trachtoum was the Company's best axeman. Now, what was it ye wanted to know?