Skeletons in Her Closet

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Skeletons in Her Closet

Skeletons in Her Closet Image.png
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:11, Y:4)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 25,160
Gil 0
Previous quest
Secret of the White Lily
Next quest
Wrath of the Titan

Ursandel has a confession to make regarding the mysterious murders.

— In-game description





  • In grim tones, Ursandel reveals to you how Lady Amandine, his once beautiful mistress, was disfigured in the Calamity, and how she subsequently began to hold rites of rejuvenation at the urging of masked men. It would seem these rites involve the spilling of maiden blood. Knowing that this madness must end, Ursandel bids you do whatever is necessary to stop Amandine from claiming another victim. Make your way to Haukke Manor, situated on the western edge of the Central Shroud, and seek a way in.
  • You are now able to enter Haukke Manor. Fight your way through to the innermost chambers, and put an end to Lady Amandine's madness.
    ※Haukke Manor can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • No sooner have you defeated Lady Amandine than two masked men appear, their ominous exchange suggesting that it was they who masterminded the atrocities committed within the manor. Before you can bring them to account for their crimes, they vanish, leaving you with still more unanswered questions. Just who are these Ascians, and what is it that they seek to achieve.
  • Owing to your valor, no more innocent blood need be spilled. Make your way back to Gridania and report the glad tidings to Ursandel.
  • Upon hearing your tale, Ursandel implores you to visit harsh retribution upon the masked men, before pledging to surrender himself to justice for failing to prevent his former mistress's crimes. Your work in the Twelveswood now done, return to the Waking Sands and report all that has transpired to Minfilia.
  • In light of the recent incidents fomented by the Ascians, Minfilia declares her intent to recommend that each nation tighten security. Your investigation having yielded up all the information it is like to for the present, she bids you prepare yourself for a different challenge.

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