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{{Weapon table row|<achievement name>}}

This template is intended for use in weapon tables in conjunction with the {{weapon table header}}. It returns the wiki code for a single table row. It does not return the table opening or closing tags, so those must be provided on the calling page.

It uses {{weapon table row format}} to process the results of the semantic query.


unnamed parameter 1 <weapon name>
Full name of the weapon article, including disambiguation suffixes. The weapon icon and name will appear in the first cell of the row.


{| {{STDT|equip align-center sortable}}
{{weapon table header}}
{{weapon table row|Abyssos Partisan}}
{{weapon table row|Abyssos Staff}}
{{weapon table row|Hydatos Guillotine 1}}
{{weapon table row|Hard Leather Grimoire}}
{{weapon table row|Manderville Sword}}
{{weapon table row|Abyssos Bastard Sword}}
{{weapon table row|Rinascita Labrys}}
Item Icon Level Item Level Requirement Damage (Type) Materia Slots Stats and Attributes
Abyssos Partisan Abyssos partisan icon1.png 90 635 LNC DRG 126 Physical Damage.png 2 Strength +358 Vitality +389 Critical Hit +287 Direct Hit Rate +201 
Abyssos Staff Abyssos staff icon1.png 90 635 CNJ WHM 126 Magical Damage.png 2 Mind +358 Vitality +350 Critical Hit +287 Determination +201 
Hydatos Guillotine +1 Hydatos guillotine +1 icon1.png 70 395 DRK 92 Physical Damage.png 0 Strength +146 Vitality +157 Item settings icon.png Customizable substats
Hard Leather Grimoire Hard leather grimoire icon1.png 15 15 ACN SCH SMN 20 HQ icon.png22 Magical Damage.png 2 (5) Intelligence +3 HQ icon.png3Vitality +2 HQ icon.png2Critical Hit +3 HQ icon.png3
Manderville Sword Manderville sword icon1.png 90 615 PLD 122 Physical Damage.png 2 Strength +229 Vitality +244 Critical Hit +196 Determination +196 
Abyssos Bastard Sword Abyssos bastard sword icon1.png 90 635 GLA PLD 126 Physical Damage.png 2 Strength +256 Vitality +278 Critical Hit +205 Determination +144 
Rinascita Labrys Rinascita labrys icon1.png 90 610 MRD WAR 109 HQ icon.png121 Physical Damage.png 2 (5) Strength +281 HQ icon.png312Vitality +297 HQ icon.png330Critical Hit +171 HQ icon.png190Determination +245 HQ icon.png272