Tank Training - Exercise 5: Engage Multiple Targets

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Hall of the Novice.png"Hall of the Novice" is not in the list (Duty, Dungeon, Raid, Trial, BSF, PvP, Variant Dungeon, Criterion Dungeon, Guildhest, Ultimate Raid, ...) of allowed values for the "Has duty type" property.

Tank Training - Exercise 5: Engage Multiple Targets

Hall of the Novice Duty.png
15 (Sync: 15)
Party size
1man 1 Any class frame icon.png
Time limit
30 minutes
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest It's Probably Pirates
Western La Noscea (X:28, Y:24)

For this exercise ye'll be trainin' against multiple opponents. Use [AoE attack] to gain enmity with a group, just like ye practiced. Be sure that the enemy's only interested in hittin' you! Defeat every enemy on the field an' I'll consider yer lesson learned.

— In-game description

Tank Training - Exercise 5: Engage Multiple Targets is a level 15 Hall of the Novice exercise introduced in patch 3.2.

General Information

  • This training exercise is the fifth in a series of eight for the tank role in Hall of the Novice, which becomes available when you unlock dungeons.
  • Engage Multiple Targets is exclusive to the tank role training exercises, unlike the first and final exercise of Hall of the Novice.
  • This training exercise is designed to expand on the previous one, where the use of the conal attack is important mostly in the beginning. The exercise will begin with a healer ally, and three enemies in a cone in front of you. Instruction during the exercise will be to start with the conal attack-- remembering to have your enmity stance on-- and then go immediately into the one-two combo to keeping the enemies focused on you instead of the healer ally.
  • Success in this training exercise is based on whether the live targets are defeated. Consequently, failure in this exercise happens only if the healer ally or you die.