Tank Training - Exercise 7: Engage Enemy Reinforcements

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Tank Training - Exercise 7: Engage Enemy Reinforcements

Hall of the Novice Duty.png
15 (Sync: 15)
Party size
1man 1 Any class frame icon.png
Time limit
30 minutes
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest It's Probably Pirates
Western La Noscea (X:28, Y:24)

For this exercise, ye'll learn to deal with reinforcements. Sometimes there're latecomers to the battle, so ye've got to stay alert. If ye notice a new foe arrive, don't give in to panic! Keep calm, an' pick the enemy up with your usual tools! Are they too far away for a combination? Then reel ‘em in with a [ranged attack]! Once ye've got everyone nice an' close, you can switch to [AoE attack] to keep that enmity flowin'! Defeat every enemy on the field, an' I'll consider yer lesson learned.

— In-game description

Tank Training - Exercise 7: Engage Enemy Reinforcements is a level 15 dungeon introduced in patch 3.2.

General Information

  • This training exercise is the seventh in a series of eight for the tank role in Hall of the Novice, which becomes available when you unlock dungeons.
  • Engage Enemy Reinforcements is exclusive to the tank role training exercises, unlike the first and final exercise of Hall of the Novice.
  • The focus of this training exercise is to use the ranged attack for targets that are out of your reach, but all lessons from the previous exercises come into play in the penultimate exercise. This exercise is treated as a refresher course on all of the lessons, keeping Area of Effect attacks away from the allies and staying out of them yourself, using the enmity building combo to whittle down targets, and making sure to keep your enmity stance on.
  • This exercise will start with one live target with a large health bar. Then, one reinforcement with a smaller health bar, and a second that is exactly the same will come out in rapid succession. Instructions by the tank trainer will say to defeat the smaller targets first, and then focus down the first target with the healer ally. Because of the ally healing, the reinforcements will be drawn to the them first, and it becomes even more important to make sure the reinforcements are more interested in you, with an AoE attack or ranged attack both.
  • Success in this training exercise is based on whether the targets are defeated and kept off the healer ally. Failure in this exercise happens when the healer ally is killed by any of the of the targets.