Healer Training - Exercise 5: Final Exercise

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Healer Training - Exercise 5: Final Exercise

Hall of the Novice Duty.png
15 (Sync: 15)
Party size
1man 1 Any class frame icon.png
Time limit
30 minutes
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest It's Probably Pirates
Western La Noscea (X:28, Y:24)

And now we come to the final exercise... As the culmination of your training, all the skills you've acquired will be put to the test. Put your lessons into practice and you'll do just fine!

— In-game description

Healer Training - Exercise 5: Final Exercise is a level 15 dungeon introduced in patch 3.2.

General Information

  • This training exercise is the last in a series of five for the healer role in Hall of the Novice, which becomes available when dungeons and the duty finder are unlocked.
  • The Final Exercise is shared through all of the roles, which means that if it has been completed on a healer role, the DPS role will need to choose that specific exercise from the completed exercises to repeat it for that specific role.
  • The exercise's shared quality also means that it is identical for each role apart from the general focus. The same monsters will be encountered at the same times and in the same order. Of the three, the focus for healer is to use your healing spells to keep your party alive. Other lessons that are integrated are the need to stay out of Area of Effect attacks, and attack when possible.
  • This exercise will include four waves, starting with one main target, followed by a reinforcement group. Once those are dead, you will have a group of three to pick off, and then a final target, meant to signify a boss. This exercise emulates what to expect when fighting in a dungeon or other duty with multiple targets, further helping prepare you for the dungeons ahead.
  • Success in this exercise is based on completing each round of monsters with every party member alive, including yourself. Consequently, you fail this exercise when any member of your party dies, and the duty returns you to the beginning to retry the exercise.