Tomes of Regional Folklore

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See also: Folklore Nodes and Master Recipe Tomes

Tomes of Regional Folklore is a system for Gathering classes first implemented in Heavensward. These tomes grant access to additional, otherwise-hidden nodes to gather materials for endgame crafting. They are acquired either directly with White Gatherers' Scrip White Gatherers' Scrip at a Scrip Exchange, or indirectly with expansion-specific Folklore tokens at the Splendors Vendor in the respective expansion's Endgame Hub. The costs are the same with either route, but you cannot mix currencies on the same tome. It must be either all scrip or all tokens. Endwalker tomes can only be bought via token exchange due to the high cost in scrip.

Tomes of Regional Folklore are always released with the base patch of each expansion and will cover all Folklore nodes that are added with the expansion's major patches.

For Botanist and Miner, using a tome of regional folklore will allow you to discover previously hidden Legendary gathering points. Bear in mind that these gathering points are only available at certain times of the in-game day.

After the collectable changes in patch 5.4, there are no collectables on the folklore nodes. Collectables have all been consolidated to the Unspoiled Nodes.

For Fisher, using a tome of regional folklore will allow you to discover hidden fishing holes and rare fish (often Legendary Fish) that are otherwise unobtainable. There are still collectable fish in the fisher folklore books.

Types of Tomes of Regional Folklore