Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina

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Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina
Type Enemy Humanoid
Level 49
Location Western Thanalan
Aggression Aggressive

Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina is a level 49 Enemy Humanoid found in Western Thanalan.


Zone Coordinates Level
Western Thanalan (x??,y??) 49


Through native to a territory subjugated by the Empire, Rhitahtyn nevertheless serves as praefectus castrorum of the XIVth Imperial Legion.

The Roegadyn was awarded the rank by Gaius van Baelsar himself, the legatus more interested in recognizing the mercenary's exceptional martial prowess than the origin of his birth.

Rhitahtyn wields a unique gunshield named Tartarus.


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