Nouveau Riche

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Nouveau Riche

Nouveau Riche Image.png
Quest giver
South Shroud (X:18.1, Y:19.8)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 8,960
Gil 1,672
Previous quest
Sylphish Concerns
Next quest
Into the Beast's Maw

Buscarron has more work for a willing adventurer.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Suspicion surrounds the recent good fortune of a man named Laurentius. Seek him out in the South Shroud and inquire as to the source of his newfound wealth.
  • Laurentius leaves you abruptly without providing any answers. Follow him and accost him again.
  • Now clearly agitated, Laurentius takes his leave of you once more. Chase him down and find out what he is hiding.
  • You have defeated the Garlean soldier summoned by Laurentius. Confront him and ascertain the nature of his relationship with the Empire.
  • Laurentius has taken to his heels once more. Give chase before he makes good his escape.
  • Laurentius has eluded you yet again. It is time to bring this chase to an end. Apprehend him.
  • You vanquished a second squad of imperial troops, prompting Laurentius to admit defeat at long last. Shamed by your devotion to the cause, he repents his decision to sell information and supplies to the Garleans, and resolves to give himself up to the Order of the Twin Adder. Return to the Druthers and tell Buscarron all that has transpired.
  • After listening to the tale of Laurentius's betrayal and subsequent repentance, Buscarron expresses hope that the Order of the Twin Adder will take pity on the disgraced Wood Wailer. He then shares some exciting news: the missing sylph elder has been found.

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