Buscarron's Druthers

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Buscarron's Druthers

Upper Paths

Buscarron's Druthers.jpg

The Druthers is run by a disenfranchised ex-sentry-turned-tavernkeep and welcomes all manner of folk, from upstanding to unsavory, so long as they follow Buscarron Strongarm's simple rules of etiquette: sit down, forget your worries, and savor your ale.

— In-game description

Buscarron's Druthers is a landmark in Upper Paths, South Shroud.

Additional Information

NPC Sub-Dialogue

X: 18.0 Y: 20.1 Z: 0.1

White-eyed, dark-haired male Seeker of the Sun in armor sitting in the corner: Leave me be...