Hidden Canals of Uznair

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See also: The Lost Canals of Uznair and Treasure Hunt

The Hidden Canals of Uznair, released in Patch 4.1 of Stormblood, is a special instance for Treasure Hunt. Treasure coffers in The Lost Canals of Uznair or The Shifting Altars of Uznair will, on occasion, yield a Timeworn thiefs map icon1.png  Timeworn Thief's Map which will reveal a new location on your map.

Players can then use the general action Dig icon1.png  Dig at the location shown to find a teleportation ward that leads to the Hidden Canals of Uznair.

  • Level Requirement : Disciple of War or Magic level 70
  • Item Level Requirement: None
  • Item Level Sync: 370
  • Party Size: 1-8
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes


Treasure chests located within are armed with traps, which, when triggered, will release enemies from their cages. Upon defeating them, the player who caused the teleportation ward to appear will be able to open the treasure chest and retrieve the reward and a Vault Key within.

The Vault Key can be used to open one of the three available doors. Should your party be lucky enough to choose the correct one, you will be allowed to progress through six subsequent chambers, and eventually fight your way to the final chamber.

  • If an incorrect door is chosen, players will be removed from the Hidden Canals of Uznair.
  • In the event the party is defeated, all players will be removed from the Hidden Canals of Uznair and cannot re-enter the instance.

Chance Opportunities

There are three enemy types that may appear during the trial.

  • Namazu Stickywhisker; Appearing in both Hidden Canals of Uznair and The Lost Canals of Uznair, work the same way as the goblins do in Aquapolis. The party is given a limited amount of time to defeat them. Once defeated, they will drop sacks of gil. Amounts start at 10,000 and will increase as the party progresses further into the trial upon the next occurence of a Namazu Stickywhisker.
  • Abharamu; A strong enemy that arises up from the floor. It is not hostile until you attack it. While rather powerful, the party can burn it down rather fast if done right. They drop a chest full of materia. These enemies also appear in The Lost Canals of Uznair.
  • Mandragora Five; Five mandragoras will drop from the sky with numbers above their heads. They must be taken out in order of 1 to 5. If done correctly, they will drop a sack with a plentiful amount of gil. If done incorrect, a rather plain sack is dropped, containing a smaller amount of gil around the range of 3,000.

Uznair Gamble

While exploring the Hidden Canals, the loot chest may trigger a mini-game.

When the chest is opened, everyone will see a loot list appear on the screen and two cards floating above the chest. The first card will reveal itself, and the map owner must decide whether the next card will show a higher or lower value than the first. If the player guesses incorrectly, the reward will be lost and the next chamber door must be chosen. If the player chooses correctly, the loot reward for the chest will be doubled. If the map owner wins this mini-game the first time, he will be asked to keep the current rewards or play again; double-or-nothing. The mini-game will continue until they take the winnings, or lose it all.

Notable Rewards

Crafting Materials

Orchestrion Rolls