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Pastures New

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Pastures New

Fear the Thesis.png
Quest giver
T'laqa Tia
Old Sharlayan (X:4.3, Y:9.6)
Quest line
Faculty of Aetherology
Required quest
Endwalker (Quest)
Required items
1 Lunar lamenter icon1.png  Lunar Lamenter
Gil 1,260
Previous quest
Fish Time Forgot
Next quest
The Meeting of Minds

T'laqa Tia is looking to apply the finishing touches to his thesis.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • T'laqa Tia is looking to apply the finishing touches to his thesis.
  • Though T'laqa Tia's thesis has been proceeding well─in no small part due to the specimens of aquatic life you procured for him─he continues to struggle with the question of what his true duty as a scholar is. In hopes of clearing his mind, he decides to head to Tranquility to be alone with his thoughts and bids you join him to exchange thoughts after some time has passed.
  • T'laqa Tia has developed a measure of confidence thanks to the progress of his research, but refuses to rest on his laurels. To prove his theory beyond all doubt─and in the process, develop a practical means to save the creatures endangered by the aetheric fluctuations─he would seek data from the moon itself. You agree to venture forth to Mare Lamentorum and ask the Loporrit locals how you might go about accomplishing this task.
  • At Mare Lamentorum, a particularly knowledgeable Loporrit kindly suggests that catching a few lunar lamenters might be your best chance at providing T'laqa Tia with the data he desires. Grey worms in hand, you set out to do some fishing.
  • T'laqa Tia thanks you profusely for the lunar lamenters you procured for him, and sets out to finish his thesis, that he might present it to his peers. He bids you head over to the Phenomenon and sit in the audience for his presentation, that you serve as a friendly face in the seats amidst the intimidating contingent of senior faculty.
  • T'laqa Tia's thesis receives rave reviews, securing him future funding and a promotion to a full-fledged professorship. Furthermore, he resolves to make good use of the new aether sickness medicine developed to treat the whale, that he might take a more active role in his own field work in the future. Proud of how far the young scholar has come, you prepare to head back to Searchers' Meet to speak with him one last time before taking your leave.
  • At Searchers' Meet, Professor Nele announces his forthcoming retirement, the veteran scholar heartened that his pupil T'laqa Tia has blossomed into a formidable researcher in his own right. For his part, T'laqa vows to redouble his efforts, that he might live up to his mentor's legacy, and asks that you pay visit from time to time.


T'laqa Tia's Presentation

Ahem... My presentation is entitled “Aethertide: On the Waxing and Waning of Aether Levels in Underwater Currents.”
Simply put, my hypothesis was thus: the world's underwater aether ebb and flow in tandem. When the concentration of aether drops in one area, it rises in another. This phenomenon repeats itself periodically.
Long did I believe this was so, but never was I able to accumulate sufficient data to prove it for certain. This all changed recently, thanks to the talents of a truly remarkable gleaner who risked life and limb to gather the samples I needed. In the course of my research, however, I also discovered many things which I had never imagined at the outset. First and foremost among these was the aether Zodiark exerted upon those selfsame currents.
Now, as you all know, Zodiark is no more. As such, aether levels have temporarily fluctuated across our entire star as the aetheric state of our world gradually readjusts to how it was in the days of yore, before Zodiark came into being. Having had the fortune recently to analyze some samples obtained from the lunar surface, it has become apparent that this fluctuation in aether levels was at its most dramatic during a full moon. We have reason to suspect that the recent incident with the wayward whale was also caused by the selfsame phenomenon. In other words, a sudden change in the local aether levels caused it to suffer from symptoms akin to severe aether sickness. Needless to say, this would be all mere speculation if it were not corroborated by concrete data. To that end, kindly turn to page fourteen in the booklets I have handed out and take a moment to peruse the chart on that page.

— T'laqa Tia