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Bodily Curiosity

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Bodily Curiosity

A Life of Regret.png
Quest giver
Envious Ea
Ultima Thule (X:24.0, Y:11.3)
Required quest
Endwalker (Quest)
Experience 168,300-190,575
Gil 775

The Envious Ea heaves a sigh as they look your body up and down.

— In-game description



  • The envious Ea heaves a sigh as they look your body up and down.
  • The envious Ea wants someone to show them how one might move one's corporeal form, in hopes that it might remind them of movements similar to those of the body they once possessed. Visibly perform a gesture of /joy and see if it does not stimulate the Ea's long-dormant memories.
    • ※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level.
  • Their curiosity regarding bodily movement in a general sense sated, the envious Ea would now learn how fast your arms can move. /slap them silly a bit and see if this does not trigger their imagination.
  • The envious Ea has but one final request of you: to picture in your mind's eye a creature whose shape is similar to that of the Ea. When next you open your eyes you are greeted by a perfect simulacrum of a Namazu...only for the Ea to quickly find that the rotund form is unsustainable. While the experiment was ultimately a failure, the Ea decides to put it aside for now, and is happy to offer you due compensation for your time and effort in engaging with their inquiries.