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The Sleeping Gentleman

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The Sleeping Gentleman

The Sleeping Gentleman.png
Quest giver
Excitable Youth
Radz-at-Han (X:11.8, Y:11.2)
Quest line
Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestEndwalker
Gil 1,303
Previous quest
Feature QuestDon't Do the Dewprism
Next quest
Feature QuestA Soulful Reunion

The pungent Lalafell can scarcely conceal his excitement.

— In-game description



  • The pungent Lalafell can scarcely conceal his excitement.
  • Strolling through the streets of Radz–at–Han, you encounter a strangely familiar Lalafell. He proudly identifies himself as the selfsame youth you met once upon a time in Kugane...who happens to have an unhealthy obsession with Nashu Mhakaracca. It seems the apple of his eye has once again found herself in a pickle, and is greatly distressed by the condition of one Hildibrand─agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire. Curious as to what fate has befallen the redoubtable gentleman─you make for the High Crucible to learn more.
  • Following events in the Far East in which Nashu and Hildibrand were sucked into a foreboding portal─along with Gilgamesh, notorious weapon thief, and Jubraca, an unscrupulous Hannish merchant─your associates found themselves wandering the “Interspectorial Rift” for a time. Eventually, with the aid of a recovered Gilgamesh, the other three managed to return to the Source. However, while Nashu was none the worse for wear, Hildibrand emerged in a comatose state for reasons yet unknown. The inspector's plucky assistant has attempted to fashion medicines to revive him, but to no avail. Hoping you might have some insight into his condition, she invites you to join her in Kama at the residence where the inspector is convalescing.
  • Examining the unconscious body of Hildibrand, you conclude that, like the Scions before him, his soul has been summoned to another world─likely the First. Nashu, understandably, is not quite able to grasp the situation, but she is nevertheless heartened that you might be able to bring him back. Entrusting you with her homemade explosives should you have need of them, she bids you a safe journey, and you prepare to depart for the Crystarium. With luck, you will track down the gentleman inspector's wandering spirit.
  • You pay a visit to the Wandering Stairs, where Glynard informs you that one of the veteran bounty hunters mentioned a suspicious individual wont to strike unseemly poses. After listening to the account of said bounty hunter, the dwarf Giott, you are all but convinced that the man in question is none other than Inspector Hildibrand. You are subsequently approached by the former guardsmen Theyler and Vonard, who coincidentally enough are also on the trail of the infamous poser. United by a common goal, you and your comrades depart for Sullen, where the man was last spotted.
  • While the various witnesses in Sullen offer conflicting reports, the picture they paint of the mystery man is one which suggests that, despite his ghastly appearance and disturbing poses, he is a gentlemanly soul at heart. With no doubt remaining that you are on the inspector's trail, you go to share your findings with Theyler and Vonard.
  • Theyler and Vonard are pleased to hear of your success, and somewhat relieved that the poser has proved relatively benign thus far. The three of you resolve to scour the Forest of the Lost Shepherd, where the eyewitnesses claim to have encountered your quarry.
  • Sure enough, you soon come upon a Hildibrand seemingly bereft of his memories and looking a bit pale in the face. Fortunately, a judicious application of Nashu's Delight is enough to make the inspector remember who he is. In that instant, you and your companions are granted a vision by the Echo, which reveals in ludicrous detail how a chance encounter with Giott led Hildibrand to believe he was a Lightwarden extraordinaire. In any event, having been disabused of such notions, Hildibrand strikes his trademark pose and announces his triumphant return to his adoring fans.


Excitable Youth: Wait, I know you! We met in Kugane! You're that stone-cold killer I asked to look after the love of my life!

Excitable Youth: What's that look for? Surely you haven't forgotten me. You and me, we had a moment─a connection! Not like the one I've got with her, of course, but I know I left an impression!

What will you say?

> ...The creepy little bastard who smells like cheese and followed Nashu to Kugane after stalking her for over five years?

Excitable Youth: Hey! There's nothing creepy about my love! It's as pure as the pristine waters of a forest stream! <sniff> <sniff> ...Fair point about the cheese stink, though.

Excitable Youth: But enough about me─this is about Miss Nashu!

> Frankly, considering how many blows to the head I've taken, I'm lucky I haven't forgotten my own name.

Excitable Youth: Ever since she got sucked into that weird portal back east, I've been scouring the world for any sign of her. I was this close to giving up, but then, huzzah! I found her here in Radz-at-Han!

Excitable Youth: Normally I'd be happy to get back to playing the silent invisible guardian, but she seems pretty distressed by the plight of her inspector friend. He's here too, but laid up and showing no signs of waking any time soon. My Nashu has been fashioning all sorts of medicines in hopes of rousing him, but to no avail.

Excitable Youth: I mean, I couldn't care less if he kicked the bucket, but I hate seeing her like this. She's liable to work herself to death!

Excitable Youth: So, what say you? Will you deliver my dearest Nashu from her plight? You'll find her over at the High Crucible, no doubt slaving over an alembic.

Excitable Youth: And with that, I'll get back to cheering her on from the shadows! You too, I guess. Now go, quickly! Save my beloved!

“The Sleeping Gentleman” accepted.

Nashu Mhakaracca: And that should do it! Now to take this medicine and...

[Cutscene START]

Nashu Mhakaracca: Cor! [Forename]! It feels like it's been forever! Though definitely less than a year, I'm sure.

Nashu Mhakaracca: What brings you to Radz-at-Han? Enjoying a spot of adventuring, or perhaps...

Nashu Mhakaracca: Then you've heard! It's true. Inspector Hildibrand's gone into hibernation again, and─ Ah, wait. You're giving me that look. The one that screams, “What about the whole weird portal business?” All right, since you silently asked...

Nashu Mhakaracca: So, back on the Ruby Sea─remember how Greg got doused with dewprism and was forced to whisk us all “far away”?

Nashu Mhakaracca: ...How that strange rift then opened up─which the inspector then got sucked up into─and how I followed him in after that?

Nashu Mhakaracca: Well, after that, we all ended up in this bizarre place. Couldn't tell up from down, left from right. And so we wandered, lost and confused...

Nashu Mhakaracca: Fortunately, Greg came to his senses and explained that we were in the “Interspectorial Rift,” and then used the same trick to bring us home!

Nashu Mhakaracca: Greg himself stayed behind, though. Something about a score that he had to settle. Not sure what that was about, but hey, you know Greg...

Nashu Mhakaracca: Anyway, we're back now, but the rub is that Inspector Hildibrand hasn't opened his eyes once!

Nashu Mhakaracca: I know he needs his beauty sleep, but it's been an awfully long time, and we've got cases to solve!

Nashu Mhakaracca: I've been trying my hand at apothecary stuff, seeing if I can't make something that'll get him up and moving, but nothing seems to work!

Nashu Mhakaracca: But I think we're making progress. Me and Mister Chupacabra from the Shakshouka Concern, that is. You remember Mister Chupacabra, right? Got sucked into the rift along with us, former evil mastermind─not so bad once you get to know him.

Jubraca: Pleased I am to meet you once more, and under less compromising circumstances. If I may correct our mutual friend─I am Jubraca, chairman of the Sahjattra Concern.

You turn and glare at him with a furrowed brow.

Jubraca: Y-Your distrustful and somewhat bloodthirsty glare is not unwarranted, but in my defense, who among us has not contemplated enslaving the rich and powerful to bend the world to their whim...? Hah hah...hah... Ahem.

Jubraca: I pray you forgive me my poor joke, and allow me to assure you that after wandering the interdimensional rift for the-Sisters-only-know-how long, I am a changed man!

Jubraca: Naturally, I understand that words alone would not suffice to absolve me of my sins. Thus, since my return, I have operated a humble apothecary that caters to the needs of one and all.

Jubraca: Furthermore, I made arrangements for Miss Nashu's workshop. Rest assured that I will spare no effort in helping her see Inspector Hildibrand awakened and returned to full health.

Jubraca: And with that, if you would excuse me, I must see to other business...

Jubraca turns away and smiles sinisterly to himself before leaving.

Nashu Mhakaracca: Isn't he the nicest ex-villain you've ever met? Ah, but that's right─I had just finished my latest medicine! I've got high hopes for this new recipe.

What will you say?

> I suppose I ought to get a look at the Manderville man himself.

Nashu Mhakaracca: By all means! The inspector is resting in a room up in Kama. Awake or asleep, I'm sure he'd enjoy your company. Let's go!

> Medicine might not do us any good...

“The Sleeping Gentleman” objective fulfilled!

Parigha: The girl's a friend of yours, is she? She's welcome to stay as long as she likes. I do hope her friend recovers soon, though. Sleeping on the floor hasn't been good for my back...

Nashu Mhakaracca: Isn't this room nice? Mister Chupacabra's taken care of everything─even paid the rent in full! Ah, but I'm distracting you, aren't I? You need to concentrate while you examine the inspector, yes?

Study the sleeping Inspector Hildibrand. You may move the camera, as well as zoom in and out. Target a section and examine it in more detail with .

Parigha, the master of the house, searches the shelves with a remarkable dexterity for one so large of body and limb.

Beside the bed, Hildibrand's loyal assistant Nashu dozes peacefully. Her ability to stay calm in the most trying of times has been sorely tested of late...

Rugged features belie what is, at closer glance, the sensitive mien of a cultured gentleman.

While he still breathes, he appears to be locked in a deep slumber...

Rippling muscles bespeak impressive strength, while smooth skin suggests that only on the rarest of occasions does the man resort to violence.

Troublingly, his limbs are stiff and cool to the touch, as if the blood runs cold in his veins...

The exquisite buckles of the stylish footwear are a design unique to House Manderville. These shoes would almost certainly fetch a small fortune in the markets.

Objective “Inspect Hildibrand closely 3/3” cleared.

The inspector's condition is disturbingly reminiscent of the Scions' who were summoned to the First for a time...

Nashu Mhakaracca: Hmm...? Oh! Finished already?

Nashu Mhakaracca: Any theories as to what's wrong with the inspector?

What will you say?

> Well, he's a soulless husk, which is less than ideal.

> I suspect he may have been summoned to another reflection.

Nashu Mhakaracca: I see... I mean, I don't, but that's what you're supposed to say at times like this, I know that much. How do we wake him up?

Nashu Mhakaracca: Return his soul to his body? But where did it go, and what is it doing there?

What will you say?

> Probably went to the First to become the Gentleman of Darkness, as you do.

> I think it's gone to a world wholly unlike ours...but still slightly like ours. A world of contrasts.

Nashu Mhakaracca: I see... Right. So can you go...there?

Nashu Mhakaracca: Great! In that case, I'll leave the soul searching to you!

Nashu Mhakaracca: I'm sure it goes without saying, but once you've arrived in this otherworldly world, look for a place that smells of mystery and intrigue, and chat with people there. That's standard agent of enquiry protocol!

Nashu Mhakaracca: Oh, and since this is Inspector Hildibrand we're talking about...don't be surprised if you find him asleep, or having forgotten a thing or two.

Nashu Mhakaracca: But not to worry! I've prepared my traditional “medicine” just in case. Don't hesitate to use it! And with that, do take care out there!

“The Sleeping Gentleman” objective fulfilled!

Nashu Mhakaracca: When in doubt, use Nashu's Delights to blow the cobwebs right out! The inspector will thank you after, I'm sure.

Parigha: The girl's a friend of yours, is she? She's welcome to stay as long as she likes. I do hope her friend recovers soon, though. Sleeping on the floor hasn't been good for my back...