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The Crystal from Beyond

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The Crystal from Beyond

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Quest giver
Old Sharlayan (X:9.6, Y:11.9)
Quest line
Pandaemonium Quests
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestEndwalker
Next quest
Feature QuestWhere Familiars Dare

Nemjiji nods at you as if she was expecting your arrival.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:



  • Nemjiji nods at you as if she was expecting your arrival.
  • As you stroll through Archons' Design, you are hailed by a Lalafellin researcher who introduces herself as Nemjiji, assistant to one Professor Claudien and tasked with the study of the aetherial sea. She explains that they have recently discovered a crystal of unknown nature, and asks that you take a look in the hopes that you have seen such a thing on your journeys. Nemjiji takes her leave and asks that you come to Claudien's laboratory in Aporia at your soonest convenience.
  • Claudien introduces himself and quickly moves to the matter of the crystal, found during a routine observation around the time the exodus was declared. You recognize it immediately as one of the ancients' design, and at a touch, it reveals to you a warning and a plea that you come to “Pandæmonium.” While much remains shrouded in mystery, it is plain that said location is not of this time... Thus does Claudien ask that you return to the past and seek the one to whom the crystal once belonged.
  • As you approach the portal in the Ocular, it responds to the crystal in your hand. You step past the threshold and are soon overcome by a blinding light, and when you open your eyes, you find yourself in Elpis with a massive headache. Next to you is a youth with striking features, lying on the ground as if he has been knocked down by some unknown force... How odd. Though your arrival seems to have surprised him─particularly in its trajectory─his demeanor suggests that he is eager to make your acquaintance.
  • Themis explains that he has been tasked with finding out what has happened within Pandæmonium, a facility which houses a menagerie of dangerous creations used for research purposes. Several days ago, irregular aether was detected in its vicinity─ere communications ceased entirely. For the moment, at least, it seems that your goals align.


Nemjiji: Hehe, it appears my calculations were correct! I knew that at this very spot, I would encounter none other than [Forename], the hero who saw us through the Final Days. So certain was I of my math that I stood here for... Well, let's not concern ourselves with that.

Nemjiji: I am Nemjiji, assistant to one Professor Claudien. We work with the Aitiascope, to observe the aetherial sea and delve into its myriad mysteries.

Nemjiji: Some mysteries, though, are beyond even our capabilities to unravel... The strange crystal we but recently discovered, for instance, defies our every conjecture.

Nemjiji: You've been to the center of the star and far beyond it, however, so we hope that you may see something in this crystal that we academics do not. I beg you lend us your well-traveled eye at Aporia─Professor Claudien will be eagerly awaiting your arrival.

“The Crystal from Beyond” accepted.

Nemjiji: Welcome, welcome. We appreciate any insight you can provide on the matter of this crystal. Professor Claudien will share the particulars with you.

Ruissenaud: As I live and breathe, it really is you! I assumed Nemjiji was simply attempting to “pull one over” on me, as it were. Perhaps I should pay more heed to her wild claims.

Claudien: Greetings, [Forename], and welcome to my humble laboratory. I am sure Nemjiji has already told you plenty about us, but allow me to introduce myself personally. I am Claudien, leader of this little research collective.

Claudien: I must admit, I have been nervous about this meeting ever since Nemjiji set out to find you. For a researcher in my field, there is no greater an honor than to meet the first woman in history to traverse the aetherial sea and return to tell the tale.

Nemjiji: The professor speaks often and at length of your deeds, but he has no small number of achievements to his own name. He has peered deeper into the aetherial sea than any other in Sharlayan, and the breadth of his knowledge is peerless.

Claudien: Peerless, perhaps, but for a single woman... We must seize this precious opportunity to learn what we can from her, and perhaps crack this conundrum that has stumped the three of us for moons.

Claudien: It was we who peered into the fathomless sea from the Antitower in the Dravanian hinterlands. There we spoke with Hydaelyn, and learned of the fate that would befall this star─the Final Days.

Claudien: Soon thereafter all research was moved to Labyrinthos, and through the Aitiascope did we continue our vigil. As impressive a work as the device is, however, it can glimpse but a fraction of the sea's infinite depths.

Claudien: Which brings us to the matter at hand. Not long after the exodus was declared, we recovered an unusual crystal shard during a routine observation. It appeared before us suddenly, as if propelled to the surface by some unknown force.

Claudien: We found that it possessed an aetherial density that exceeds that of normal crystals by orders of magnitude. And its shape resembles nothing which occurs in the natural world─it was made, not formed.

Claudien: Unfortunately, that was the extent of the information we could glean before we were forced to turn our focus towards the exodus. The crystal was very nearly forgotten amidst the sudden upheaval.

Claudien: But thanks to the efforts of a certain someone, that crisis is now behind us, and we are free to resume our research.

Claudien: Thus did we decide to seek you out─the dauntless adventurer who delved into the unknown and beheld its innermost secrets. And now we would have you see for yourself...

Claudien: Here is the crystal in question.

Claudien: If it resembles aught you have encountered before, even by the smallest degree, please say so.

Claudien: As I thought, you do know what this is! Please, tell me everything.

Claudien: I see. The Ascians use these to transfer their memories to new vessels. Fascinating indeed.

Claudien: It was plain that this crystal was special somehow, but this revelation surpasses even my considerable expectations.

Nemjiji: Similar artifacts have appeared throughout the ages. Memories of martial techniques manifested as crystalline shards on the battlefield, or storied stones passed from master to student...

Nemjiji: A comparison between said artifacts and this crystal may prove a fruitful first step in unveiling its true nature. What do you think, Professor?

Claudien: Ascian memories... Windows through which we can gaze upon the Convocation of Fourteen...

Claudien: ...Unlike the crystal in [Forename]'s story, this one does not bear the mark of the Convocation. Who, then, could these memories belong to?

Claudien: And more importantly, why were they stored in this particular shard? More importantly still, why was it set adrift on the aetherial sea?

Nemjiji: Professor! Pro. Fess. Or! Claudien!

Claudien: Huh... Yes?

Nemjiji: I'm well aware that contemplation is the key to breakthrough, but there is propriety to consider. We have a guest─one you invited explicitly. Must we do this every time?

Claudien: What...? Ah! Yes, of course, our guest! Terribly sorry─I do so easily find myself unmoored by the tides of rumination...

Claudien: Perhaps a more, er...engaging use of your time with us would be for you to take up that crystal. If indeed there are memories stored within, they may reveal themselves to you upon contact.

Faint Voice: If anyone...message...come...Pandæmonium... Please...

Faint Voice: ...faces...grave threat...star...in danger!

Claudien: That expression does not bode well... What did you see?

Claudien: ...“Pandæmonium”? 'Tis not a word I have heard before. If my knowledge of the ancient tongue serves me, it means “all demons.” Not a name that inspires optimism, all things considered.

Claudien: In the event that another star-shattering cataclysm is in fact bearing down upon us, I would have the aforementioned examples of crystallized memory to hand. Nemjiji, Ruissenaud─I entrust their procurement to you. If there are more memories to be extracted from this crystal, we will find them.

Claudien: As for you, [Forename], there is a person I would have you seek─the one who has delivered so dire a warning.

Claudien: Your story tells us that this crystal could very well have been made by one of the ancients.

Claudien: If that is the case, then discerning the nature of this “Pandæmonium” would require a trip far into the past. To an era before the sundering.

Claudien: I know of only one individual capable of such a feat─the very hero who traversed time to prevent the world's doom.

Claudien: I must confess, the tales people tell of your adventures beggar belief, and their veracity has been a subject of much debate among my peers. After today's meeting, however, there can be no doubt in my mind that every incredible exploit is fact.

Claudien: So I ask you now─return to the past. Find out what and where Pandæmonium is, and if we need be concerned by this message.

Claudien: Thank you. For the time being, you should keep the crystal in your possession. I do not think you have seen the last of its memories, and more may be drawn out as you approach their source. Safe travels, and may we meet again soon to share our findings.

“The Crystal from Beyond” objective fulfilled!

Nemjiji: From this moment on, our objective shall be to fill every cranny of this place with crystals! Surely the gleaners won't mind braving a few haunted battlefields─for the right price.

Ruissenaud: For Professor Claudien, I would burn the candle on both ends! Or rather, I will! First, I must find the historical documents he requested. And then...? Hmm... What was I meant to do again?

Claudien: Pray journey to the past and ascertain the severity of the threat. Keep the crystal for now─until we can find a way to listen to its messages, it will do more good in your hands than ours.

Crystarium Gatekeep: Welcome, my lady. If you wish to go to the Ocular, I should be glad to escort you.

[Unvoiced cutscene START]

Faint Voice: If...receives this message...

Faint Voice: Come...Pandæmonium...quickly!

???: Urgh...

Confused Boy: Could it be...?

Confused Boy: ...No, of course not. Apologies, but for the briefest moment I thought you to be a dear friend of mine. I realize now that such a notion is preposterous.

Confused Boy: She told me a falling star would appear before me, and I suppose you must be it. Truth be told, I did not expect the expression to be so...literal.

[Unvoiced cutscene END]

“The Crystal from Beyond” objective fulfilled!

[Unvoiced cutscene START]

Themis: Ah, apologies for not introducing myself properly. My name is Themis. As you can see by my bare face, I am not one of Elpis's observers.

Themis: Rather, I am come here on an assignment, which has been more or less routine up until this very moment...

Themis: You certainly do know how to make an entrance. I must wonder what brought you here, for it is plain that you do not belong here─or any place I know, for that matter.

What will you say?

> I'm Azem's familiar.

Themis: Hmm, it appears my initial impression was not so preposterous after all. I did not know my friend had such a unique familiar at her disposal.

Themis: If you are here at Azem's behest, then I believe I can hazard a guess as to your purpose. You are here to investigate Pandæmonium, yes?

> I'm also here on an assignment.

Themis: If so, we may be able to help one another. But first, might I trouble you to explain how you came to collide with my skull?

Themis: I see. I believe that dispels any major doubts I had concerning your intentions. Apologies for being so intrusive, but you must understand this is an uncommon occurrence.

Themis: I shall pry no further, for I am well aware that we all have secrets we must keep. However, if I may, I would very much like to take a look at this crystal of yours.

Themis: Fascinating. While I cannot say much as to what it contains, it is clear that there are memories stirring within.

Themis: Memories that speak of something gravely amiss in Pandæmonium...

Themis: The facility extends beneath Elpis, and is overseen by the Words of Lahabrea.

Themis: It houses those creations that are highly valued as research subjects...and highly dangerous to the star. Naturally, it is strictly guarded, and under constant surveillance.

Themis: Several days ago, however, an unnatural shift in the flow of its surrounding aether was detected. Soon thereafter, all communications from Pandæmonium ceased.

Themis: I am here as representative of an organization that works directly with the Convocation, and have been tasked with investigating this incident.

Themis: Now that there is some measure of transparency between us, might I offer a suggestion as to what we should do next?

“The Crystal from Beyond” complete!

During the course of your investigation, you may discover valuable artifacts.

These can be exchanged for equipment by speaking with Mylenie in Aporia or Djole in Radz-at-Han.