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A Life of Regret

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A Life of Regret

A Life of Regret.png
Quest giver
Anxious Ea
Ultima Thule (X:21.6, Y:7.9)
Required quest
Endwalker (Quest)
Experience 168,300-190,575
Gil 935

The Anxious Ea looks longingly skyward.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Send out an empathetic wave toward the Ea dwelling.
  • Speak with the Anxious Ea.
  • Defeat an other one to obtain its sinew.
  • Deliver the nerve tissue to the Anxious Ea.


  • The anxious Ea looks longingly skyward.
  • The anxious Ea fears for the well-being of their friend, who has not emerged from their dwelling in quite some time, and is unresponsive when called. You agree to see if you cannot reach out to the anxious Ea's companion somehow.
    • ※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level.
  • Your skin prickles with sadness as you feel pulsating waves of misery from the Ea within. It would appear that the resident of the dwelling has been overcome with despair and means to end their own life. With a heavy heart, you decide to return to the anxious Ea to share what you have gleaned.
  • While respecting their feelings, the anxious Ea is not ready to let their friend pass into the void. To that end, they ask you to procure a lump of nerve tissue from one of the enigmatic “other ones” that roam in the vicinity of the wellspring of regret. Moved by the Ea's concern, you agree to the task.
  • You successfully hunt down an other one and extract its nerve tissue. Now all that remains is to deliver it back to the anxious Ea, that they might do all in their power to save their esteemed colleague from a dire fate.
  • Back at the Abode, the Ea is able to use the nerve tissue you provided to amplify their thoughts to a degree where they can reach their friend─and in doing so prevent said companion's passing. Rejoicing that they will be able to enjoy philosophical musings and discussions with their companion for the foreseeable future, the no-longer-anxious Ea thanks you for your help and offers you a token of thanks before you go on your way.