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Work Woes

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Work Woes

Combat Evolved .png
Quest giver
Omicron Guard
Ultima Thule (X:31.2, Y:27.7)
Required quest
Endwalker (Quest)
Experience 168,300-190,575
Gil 775

The Omicron Guard requests a word of advice.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • The Omicron guard requests a word of advice.
  • An Omicron guard asks you for ways to keep itself engaged while on patrol. As its options are limited by its standing orders, you settle on teaching it how to dance, because at this point, this may as well happen.
    • ※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level.
  • You perform a little dance for the Omicron guard. Though the unit has no such movement pre-programmed, it gamely recruits its subordinates and prepares to attempt to imitate your motions.
  • In an open space thankfully free of anyone who might be jabbed in the eye by their pointy appendages, the Omicron guards perform a somewhat stilted─yet surprisingly lengthy─dance for your enjoyment. After kindly freeing them from their gyration loop, you give them an encouraging review on their performance.
  • Back at Base Omicron, the guard unit indicates its intentions to continue perfecting its dance. Perhaps you may someday attend a slightly improved version of the performance you witnessed earlier.