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The Culture of Love

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The Culture of Love

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Quest giver
Old Sharlayan (X:3.9, Y:9.2)
Quest line
Faculty of Anthropology
Required quest
Required items
1 Eternity ring material icon1.png  Eternity Ring Material
Gil 1,087
Previous quest
The Culture of the Past
Next quest
The Meeting of Minds

Hinageshi is loving life.

— In-game description


Optional rewards




  • Hinageshi is loving life.
  • Much to your and Hinageshi's surprise, Tankin announces their research will be coming to an end. It seemed as though he had more in store, but he is taken aback when Hinageshi makes an announcement of her own─she will be returning home to meet with her parents and an unknown suitor. A most unfortunate turn of events as Tankin explains to you he has feelings for his erstwhile assistant. He is not ready to give up on Hinageshi, however, and tells you of his plan to fashion an eternity ring for her. To see his plan through, he asks you to gather materials for its crafting from Labyrinthos, where he and Hinageshi first worked together.
  • With the necessary materials assembled, Tankin takes his leave to fashion an eternity ring. But not before he gives you a letter to deliver to Hinageshi.
  • Hinageshi reads the letter, and is confused to learn that Tankin wishes for her to return, but she agrees to do as he asks nonetheless.
  • Professor Tankin at last musters the courage to propose to Hinageshi, albeit in a roundabout fashion. He worries she will instead choose her mysterious suitor, but his fears of rejection are soon allayed when she explains this “suitor” is, in fact, a financial supporter of her parents' botanist research. He is relieved, but he has yet to make a clear and straightforward proposal. And so again he asks her plain and true for her hand. No sooner do the words escape his lips than she takes the eternity ring from his hands with emphatic joy.
  • Hinageshi thanks you once more not only for aiding in their research, but for bringing her and Tankin together. You take your leave of the professor and his assistant, glad for the joy you have brought to their lives.