Wind Shard

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Wind Shard

Item type
Carpenter frame icon.png 3
Goldsmith frame icon.png 2
Leatherworker frame icon.png 4
Weaver frame icon.png 9

A tiny crystalline manifestation of aetheric wind energy.

— In-game description

Wind Shards are crystals made up of aetheric wind-aspected energy. Like all crystals, they are used by crafting classes as a catalyst to synthesize items.



Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Dreamer (2016) Old Gridania (10.3, 9.1) Fortune egg icon1.png 2




Quest Reward

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
To the Bannock Main Scenario quest 4 Mother Miounne
Eggs over Queasy Main Scenario quest 7 Galfrid
Spriggan Cleaning Main Scenario quest 9 Warin
Keeping Up Appearances Daily quest 1 Yazel Ahuatan the Able
The Right Tool for the Tools Daily quest 3 Methuli Cattlan the Hard
Right-wing Aeronautics Daily quest 10 Tazel Meyean the Lettered
Sweet Words, Shadowy Dealings Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle
Bait and Swat Sidequest 9 Anaoc
Parasite Cleave Sidequest 8 Gabineaux
Soil Despoilers Sidequest 8 Gabineaux
A Good Adventurer Is Hard to Find Sidequest 1 Bernadette
Preserving the Past Sidequest 1 Idele
Sylphic Gratitude Sidequest 2 Estaine
A Hard Nut to Crack Sidequest 4 Tatasosa
Death to the Bean Thieves Sidequest 6 Q'djawana
Hematophagic Harassment Sidequest 7 Eadbert
The Kindness of Strangers Sidequest 9 Emeria
The Slaying of the Shrews Sidequest 6 Hihiyaja
The Wealth of Nations Sidequest 2 Landebert
Way of the Carpenter Feature quest 1 Corgg
My First Saw Feature quest 1 Beatin
To Be the Wood Feature quest 5 Beatin
Supplies for the Sick Feature quest 10 Beatin
Way of the Goldsmith Feature quest 1 Jemime
My First Chaser Hammer Class quest 1 Serendipity
Gorgets Rising Class quest 5 Serendipity
Way of the Leatherworker Feature quest 1 Randall
My First Head Knife Class quest 1 Geva
A Test of Technique Class quest 5 Geva
Geva's Gambit Class quest 10 Geva
Way of the Weaver Feature quest 1 Maronne
My First Needle Class quest 1 Redolent Rose
Once More unto the Breeches Class quest 5 Redolent Rose

Used For

Crystals are used as catalysts in every crafting recipe. Not every single recipe will use Wind Shards, but those that do are too numerous to list.

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