The Lominsan Way

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The Lominsan Way

The Lominsan Way Image.png
Quest giver
Lower La Noscea (X:35, Y:15)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 29,640
Gil 2,416
Previous quest
Hungry Hungry Goobbues
Next quest
Nix That

Trachtoum remains unconvinced of your readiness to defeat the dread primal Tidus.

— In-game description



  • Your conversation with Trachtoum is interrupted by an irate miller, who accuses the flustered marauder of shirking his duty. As you look on in stunned silence, Trachtoum claims to have slain the goobbue that you but recently dispatched. Unconvinced, the miller decides that the truth will be revealed "the Lominsan way." Speak with the miller outside and discover what this entails.
  • After besting Trachtoum in a boulder-breaking contest by avoiding their attacks and defeating the bomb they try to use, you discover that the marauder was never a member of the Company of Heroes. However, he tells you that one of the Company's former captains now works at Costa del Sol. Journey to the resort and beg the veteran's assistance.
  • While Wheiskaet acknowledges your passion, he is reluctant to send an adventurer of unknown character to his death. If you wish to learn how the Company of Heroes defeated Titan, you must yet again prove yourself by completing Wheiskaet's challenges.

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