The Rising Chorus

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The Rising Chorus

The Rising Chorus Image.png
Quest giver
The Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 2,340
Gil 2,486
Previous quest
Best Laid Schemes
Next quest
Aether on Demand

Tataru seems eager to escort you to the solar.

— In-game description





  • Brooking no delay, Tataru bids you follow her to the solar to meet with the Antecedent, who is waiting for you with the Ishgardian envoy. Proceed within and speak with Minfilia.
  • Waiting for you in the solar is Lucia, Ser Aymeric's second-in-command, who has come on his behalf to request your assistance with a matter of grave import. The astrologians of the Observatorium have interpreted recent signs as an indication of Midgardsormr's imminent resurrection. Alas, the knights of Ishgard are in no position to dispatch forces to the Keeper of the Lake at present, and so Ser Aymeric would have you investigate the wreckage on their behalf and ascertain the veracity of the astrologians' claims. Before proceeding to the Keeper of the Lake, however, Minfilia advises you to speak with a Doman watch who has been stationed on the northern shore.
  • The Doman watch reports that forces from Castrum Centri have been scavenging materials from the wreckage, but that otherwise the distant monument has shown no signs of activity. Given the imperial presence, a stealthy approach will be necessary. Gather your allies and take the watch's ship to the base of the Agrius and survey the fallen airship from bottom to top.
    ※The Keeper of the Lake can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • The Ishgardian's worst fears have seemingly come to pass, as atop the wreckage of the Agrius you confront the fallen guardian of Silvertear Falls. With no choice but to fight, you engage the wyrm lord in battle, at last laying him to rest forever.
  • As you turn to leave, the voice of Midgardsormr rings out once more, and you are invited to plead your case. Yet your words fall on deaf ears, and the wyrm lord flatly states that his children now sing of Ishgard's imminent destruction. Your fate sealed, he prepares to end your life -- only to hesitate when Hydaelyn intervenes and marks you as one of her chosen. Midgardsormr then relents -- but not before somehow stripping you of the Mothercrystal's blessing. Revealing that a covenant binds him to you, the essence of the wyrm lord coalesces into a tiny vessel, and though it subsequently vanishes, you can yet feel his eyes upon your back...
  • Before you can even begin to speak of your experiences, the Doman watch informs you that Alphinaud has summoned you to the Rising Stones. Return and seek out the young commander.
  • In private, you share your experiences with Minfilia, Alphinaud, and Urianger. Together, you conclude that it would be best to keep the majority of your conversation with Midgardsormr a secret, given Ishgardian attitudes towards consorting with Dravanians. Alphinaud leaves to speak with Lucia, and for a moment you are left alone with Minfilia, who observes that you are somehow changed. Having no choice, you reveal what you kept concealed from the others -- that Midgardsormr took from you the blessing of Light. The Antecedent accepts your reassurances that everything is well... yet Midgardsormr's constant presence is a reminder of the opposite. Unaware of your new burden, Lucia thanks you for besting Midgardsormr, and for bringing confirmation of the impending Dravanian attack. Though she has complete faith in her nation's capacity to defend itself, Alphinaud remains doubtful, and as the knight takes her leave he mutters quietly to himself, head bowed in thought.
  • Despite his reservations, Alphinaud acknowledges that the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are in no position to intervene. Until such time as they choose to request aid, you and the others have no choice but to watch and wait.