Nix That

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Nix That

Quest giver
Eastern La Noscea (X:32, Y:30)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Fattened Herring
1  Nix Leg
Experience 29,640
Gil 1,615
Previous quest
The Lominsan Way
Next quest
A Modest Proposal

Wheiskaet would first like to verify that you are not a complete fraud.

— In-game description


  • Lie in wait for the nix.


  • Before he bothers giving you a truly demanding task, Wheiskaet would first have you attend to a simple one. Place the herring he has given you on an eastern cape near Costa del Sol to lure out the nix that has been seen in the vicinity.
  • Having baited the trap with your herring, all that remains is to wait for and slay the nix that comes forth to claim it.
  • You dispatch the slimy creature with great fanfare and sever one of its legs as proof of your kill. Show Wheiskaet that the deed is done.
  • Wheiskaet explains that a recent incident with a former employee has forced him to treat strangers with greater caution. Having proven yourself to be nothing like that other poor, unfortunate soul, he is now willing to give you a challenge as befits your talents.


Landenel: I thought you might have the good sense to leave this place. By your continued presence, I take it you intend to persevere to the bitter end?

Landenel: Ahahaha! Such bravery, such recklessness! That will serve you well against Titan.

Landenel: Leave the egg with me─I'll see that it gets to the captain. You should make haste to southern Thanalan.

Landenel: In Forgotten Springs, you will find a man named U'odh Nunh. He will be your next guide. Safe travels, [Forename].

U'odh Nunh: State your business, adventurerrr.

<snort> Hah hah hah! So this is the one Wheiskaet sends me.

U'odh Nunh: I haven't the foggiest what he sees in you─and until I do, you will rrreceive no aid from me.

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