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The Die Is Cast

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The Die Is Cast

The Die Is Cast Image.png
Quest giver
Yanxia (X:24.9, Y:12.8)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario
Experience 107,000
Gil 4,583
Previous quest
On the Eve of Destiny
Next quest
The World Turned Upside Down

All hangs in the balance, as Hien well knows.

— In-game description







  • All hangs in the balance, as Hien well knows.
  • To win a war, one must be willing to do whatever is required, even if it means sacrificing the very thing one set out to reclaim. And thus did Lord Hien declare that Doma Castle should be flooded, to eliminate the greater portion of the imperial garrison and trap Yotsuyu within the keep. All preparations are complete. All participants are in position. All that remains is to wait.
  • Every stage of the plan is carried out to perfection, from the diversionary attacks to the Kojin's underwater demolition. From Monzen, you and your comrades observe as the river rushes into Doma Castle, drowning you know not how many soldiers within...
  • Your allies have set the stage, and now you must play your part. A Blue skiff captain awaits you down by the shore.
  • To increase your chances of reaching Yotsuyu, Hien proposes that you split into two groups. He, Gosetsu, and Yugiri will comprise one, while you and the wandering adventurers whom you had the wisdom and foresight to recruit to fight for Doma's liberation will comprise the other. The fate of a nation shall be decided this day─marshal your forces and venture unto the flooded fortress!
  • In the bowels of Doma Castle, you are greeted by an old friend: Grynewaht, driven mad by his quest for vengeance, and transformed into a twisted mass of steel and flesh. But whatever agonies he endured to gain his newfound strength, they are all for naught. After a pitched battle, he crumples to the ground, never to rise again.
  • At the top of the keep, you find Hien, Yugiri, and Gosetsu, who have Yotsuyu at their mercy. Invited to plead her case, she speaks of the many ways in which she was wronged by her countrymen...and of the joy she one day found in their suffering. Listening to her tale, you recall your vision of her childhood, and almost begin to pity the woman...only to find that she has been stalling for time. Unrepentant to the last, she gleefully reveals her plan to bring the keep down on your heads in a final suicidal act of defiance. With a thunderous roar, the ceiling comes crashing in, but when the dust finally settles, you find yourself and your comrades unharmed, for Gosetsu, blessed with indomitable strength as he is, has somehow managed to catch the massive debris that threatened to crush you. Alas, Yotsuyu too has survived, as you learn to your dismay when she fires upon the samurai, not stopping until her pistol is spent. As Gosetsu struggles to remain standing, he implores you and the others to leave while you still can...
  • When Alphinaud sees you return to Monzen without Gosetsu, he knows at once what has happened. Sometimes there is no need for words.