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Feel the Burn

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Feel the Burn

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Quest giver
Kienkan (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
Experience 10,800
Gil 4,265
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestSisterly Act
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestShadows in the Empire

Main Scenario Progress: 529 / 853 (62%)


Stormblood Progress: 150 / 162 (92.6%)


Hien is mulling over the details of Alphinaud's linkpearl call.

— In-game description





  • Based on your information, Hien is of the opinion that Alphinaud indeed encountered some manner of trouble at the Burn. He suggests conducting a search of the wasteland upon flying mounts, and Yugiri bids you see to your preparations before joining them at the overlook near the House of the Fierce.
  • The party is assembled, as are the birds that will carry you. It is time to set out for the Burn in search of Alphinaud.
    • ※Challenge The Burn with other players via the Duty Finder, or with a party of NPCs via Duty Support. Both systems are accessible from the main menu as well as the dungeon's entrance point.
  • Scant moments after arriving at the Burn, you are caught in the midst of a fierce sandstorm which scatters your comrades in all directions. Upon landing, you fight your way through hordes of fearsome desert creatures, as well as machina, inside what appear to be Allagan ruins. At length, you emerge in an area of relative safety and are reunited with the others. It is then that you spy the remains of the airship which bore Alphinaud away in the distance. Evidence of a battle abounds, but your friend and his traveling companions are nowhere to be seen. At Y'shtola's prompting, the party proceeds to scour the area for clues.
  • Judging by the insignia upon a fallen soldier's uniform, Alphinaud's party came under attack from the Emperor's personal guard. While the implications of this discovery are unsettling, there is little more to be done at the crash site, and Yugiri suggests returning to the Doman Enclave to consider your next move.
  • The journey back to Doma proves blessedly uneventful, and Hien is visibly relieved.


Accepting the Quest

Hien: The region known as the Burn occupies a special place in Garlean history. Every child in the Empire is familiar with the tale.

Hien: In the distant past, it was a verdant land teeming with life, but successive summonings saw it bled dry of aether and reduced to a desert. It was upon beholding the devastation that primals had wrought, that Emperor Solus was spurred to embark upon his crusade against their kind.

Y'shtola: The Burn offers a glimpse of the future we seek to prevent. Know you of any reason why Alphinaud might have gone there?

Hien: Aye. Mischance. Though it lies on the route to Garlemald, it is no place to make a stop. My guess is they encountered some manner of trouble there.

Hien: In any event, I am of the same mind as Alisaie -- we have no choice but to take our search to the Burn. Given the considerable distances involved, 'tis best we went by bird.

Hien: [Player] and I have our yols. Yugiri, will you ready falcons for the others?

Yugiri: I shall gather our swiftest birds.

Yugiri: Near the House of the Fierce, there is an overlook. Pray join us there once you have seen to your preparations.

At the Overlook

Y'shtola: With such a steed to bear me to and fro, I could perform my fieldwork in a fraction of the time. Mayhap I shall try my hand at this “Bardam's Mettle.”

Yugiri: Having named him an emissary of Doma, Lord Hien considers himself personally responsible for Master Alphinaud's safety. Naught I could say would sway him from joining the search.

Alisaie: We're coming for you, Alphinaud...

Hien: If everyone is here and possessed of a bird, let us away.

Hien: Remember, our destination is a barren wasteland. There is no civilization to speak of for a hundred malms in all directions. Take care you do not lose your way.

Hien: Barren though it is, the Burn is said to be home to hardy beasts adapted to the unforgiving environment. And then there are the specters, if certain tales are to be believed... I expect we shall soon find out for ourselves what truly dwells there.

After the Burn

Hien: Ah! There you are!

Hien: Between contending with bloodthirsty beasts and sand in my... every conceivable place, I had begun to despair of finding you again.

Yugiri: Do you recognize the crashed ship over yonder?

Yugiri: Mistress Alisaie and I briefly inspected it. It is the vessel that bore Master Alphinaud away.

Alisaie: But there was no sign of him. Nor of Maxima and his people.

Y'shtola: Warmachina. It would seem they were involved in a struggle.

Y'shtola: There may be clues. We should split up and search the area.

Yugiri: Hm. These were no ordinary soldiers.

Yugiri: Over here!

Yugiri: The insignia on this man's uniform identifies him as one of the Emperor's personal guard.

Y'shtola: Handpicked soldiers answering only to the royal family...

Hien: That would explain why all the casualties are Garlean. They were fighting their own.

Alisaie: You're saying the Emperor was behind this? That Alphinaud is his prisoner?

Player: We don't know that yet. / Alphinaud is fine, I'm sure of it.

Hien: Aye, we must not jump to conclusions. Besides, Alphinaud is more than capable of looking after himself, is he not?

Yugiri: I suggest we return to Doma to consider our options. Whatever happened here, Master Alphinaud is long gone, and any subsequent search may safely be left in the hands of the shinobi.

Alisaie: Where in the world are you, Brother? If you die on me, I will never let you hear the end of it.

Finishing the Quest

Alisaie: ...Forgive me, I need a moment.

Y'shtola: On present evidence, we have no reason to fear the worst. More than that I cannot say.

Yugiri: We are no closer to establishing Master Alphinaud's whereabouts, and the suggestion of an imperial plot only compounds matters. We have much to consider.

Hien: Well, that was a decidedly uneventful journey. I almost found myself hoping for a sandstorm.

Hien: Joking aside, I'd say our birds are due a good brush down and a treat or two, wouldn't you?