Never Forget

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Never Forget

Quest giver
South Shroud (X:18.1, Y:19.8)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1  Chicken Egg
1  Scarlet Earring
Experience 17,920
Gil 0
Previous quest
Druthers House Rules
Next quest

The eponymous proprietor of Buscarron's Druthers has need of an able adventurer.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • You learn from Baensyng that a Qiqirn merchant on Hawkers' Alley named Kyokyoroon may know something of Teteroon's whereabouts. Bring the trader a chicken egg to coax him into spilling the goods.
  • You have delivered the scarlet earring to Teteroon. Reminded of Buscarron, he promptly lapses into nostalgic reminiscences of former days.


Buscarron: I appreciate all the good you've done for our patrons. If you aren't disinclined, I have a favor of my own to ask you.

Buscarron: There's a Qiqirn friend of mine, you see─name of Teteroon. A good lad. It was right after the Calamity that I came across him fallen in the Shroud. He nearly died in all the havoc. So, I took him in and nursed him back to health best I could.

Buscarron: He worked here at my Druthers for a spell after that. Got to talking about striking out on his own, he did, and not long after cast his lot with a merchant bound for La Noscea.

Buscarron: Well, it just so happens I got to cleaning up around here and came across something of his─this scarlet earring. I know he was fond of the thing, but he must have just forgotten it when he left. So, I'd like to see that it gets to him.

Buscarron: Can't say for sure where he ended up, but might be a friend of mine can. A Roegadyn fellow named Baensyng. You can find him on Hawkers' Alley in Limsa Lominsa. He knows everything of the comings and goings of merchants there.

At Hawker's Alley

Kyokyoroon: Kyokyoroon select best selection, priceless prices for shoppers to shop! Customer's custom is truest truth!

Speaking to Baensyng at Hawker's Alley

Baensyng: Ye found yer way to 'Awkers' Alley, friend.

...Hm? A Qiqirn what worked at the Druthers? Aye, ye speak of Teteroon.

Baensyng: Related to that Kyokyoroon bloke just o'er there by some blood or another. Two of 'em put in together an' were makin' good coin. But ol' Teteroon up an' left Limsa not long ago. Couldn't say as to why or where.

Baensyng: Yer better off askin' Kyokyoroon himself. He can be tight of lip, though, I warn ye. Best to take this chicken egg with ye. Li'l bastard loves the bloody things.

Baensyng: Heh... Good to hear about ol' Busc, though. Sounds as though he ain't changed a bit. Just like him to send a 'venturer along. Too shy to come his own self. Gods, I miss drinkin' with that fool.

Kyokyoroon: Customer, be welcome! Not customer? Not come with custom? Kyokyoroon busy with business. Too busy for blather.

You hand over the Fresh Chicken Egg.

Kyokyoroon: Chicken egg! Kyokyoroon love chicken egg! Love chicken egg more than love customer!

Kyokyoroon: Looking for Teteroon? Teteroon no here no more. Teteroon leave Limsa. Teteroon go look for sparklies.

Kyokyoroon: Now working at trading post. Good trading post. Forget where trading post is.

Kyokyoroon: Wineburg know Teteroon. Wineburg know trading post. Wineburg at ferry docks. You go to ferry docks.

Kyokyoroon: Kyokyoroon forget things. Wineburg remember things. You talk to Wineburg, not Kyokyoroon.

Speaking with Wineburg

Wineburg: Teteroon? Aye, I seen him. That is to say, I saw him.

Wineburg: He was headed somewhere up north, by way of the ferry to Aleport. Might as well head there and see what ye can suss out. The skipper here can take you there.

Wineburg: When ye arrive, I'd start by askin' Ahldfoet. He's an old hand what knows a great deal about a great many things.

Rerenasu: This ferry is bound for Aleport. Are you riding with us?

Speaking with Ahldfoet in Aleport

Ahldfoet: Teteroon? Aye, I saw him. That is to say, I seen him.

Ahldfoet: He took himself north, through Skull Valley, into Oakwood. Was lookin' for a place run by his fellow Qiqirn.

Ahldfoet: I reckon he meant the one right on the shore of Bronze Lake─Memeroon's Trading Post. Follow the road and yer sure to find it.

Speaking with Teteroon at Memeroon's Trading Post

Teteroon: Customer, be welcome! Not customer? Not come with custom? Bring something for Teteroon?

You hand over the Scarlet Earring to Teteroon.

Teteroon: Teteroon forget this! Forget at Druthers. Teteroon swore would never forget earring...but never forget forgot. Teteroon thank! Teteroon thank!

Teteroon: Good Buscaroon doing good? Good Buscaroon good to Teteroon. Teteroon miss good Buscaroon... <sigh>


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