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In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave

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In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave

In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave Image.png
Quest giver
The Azim Steppe (X:11.3, Y:11.2)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
Experience 105,000
Gil 717
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestA Trial Before the Trial
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Children of Azim

Main Scenario Progress: 453 / 853 (53.1%)


Stormblood Progress: 74 / 162 (45.7%)


Hien is ready to undertake the challenge of Bardam's Mettle.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:



  • If you are to participate in the Naadam and fight alongside the Mol, you must first be recognized as a warrior of the Steppe. To earn this honor, you will be required to complete a rite of passage involving walking in the footsteps of the legendary Bardam and taming a yol. Steeling yourselves, you and your comrades set forth upon the peril-fraught path of the hero's namesake.
    • ※Challenge Bardam's Mettle with other players via the Duty Finder, or with a party of NPCs via Duty Support. Both systems are accessible from the main menu as well as the dungeon's entrance point.
  • At the end of a strange and bewildering journey through Bardam's Mettle, you manage to tame a wild yol in the traditional fashion. Trial complete, you leave to rejoin your comrades.
  • Lyse emerges from the pass not long after you do, her trial also complete. However, there is still no sign of Hien or Gosetsu...
  • Suddenly recalling the whistles entrusted to her by Cirina, Lyse brings them forth, handing one to you. With a blow, you summon your respective yols, which circle in the skies above in acknowledgment of your new bond. There can be no doubt: you are now warriors of the Steppe.


Prior to Duty Support being added to Dungeon Bardam's Mettle in patch 6.4, the Journal description was the following: "To earn this honor, you will be required to complete a rite of passage involving walking in the footsteps of the legendary hero Bardam and taming a yol. Each member of your party must do this by themselves, of course, and so you shall... though if by pure coincidence some of your fellow adventurers happened to have made the long journey to the Far East, and simply insisted on accompanying you... surely no one would be any the wiser."


Quest Acceptance

Hien: Nothing left but to begin, then. To complete this trial, we must pass through Bardam's Mettle and each tame a yol. How precisely we are to do this, I am not sure, but since countless warriors before us have succeeded, I imagine we'll muddle through somehow... But enough talk! We have a Naadam to win!

Speak with Lyse

Lyse: Well fought back there, [Forename]. Things got hairy at times, but I knew we'd manage! Oh, right. I've still got those whistles Cirina gave me. Here's yours. I suppose we ought to give them a try like she said. 
Lyse: Up there, look! I think this means we've won them over. That one there is yours, right? The other one is mine. Awww... So that's that, then! We're officially warriors of the Steppe!