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The Children of Azim

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The Children of Azim

Lyse would like very much to know that Hien and Gosetsu are all right.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Lyse would like very much to know that Hien and Gosetsu are all right.
  • Hien and Gosetsu finally emerge from Bardam's Mettle, triumphant and newly anointed as warriors of the Steppe like you and Lyse. But before you can rejoice in your accomplishment, you find yourself surrounded by a party of Oronir, their leader demanding that you return with him to meet with his khan. Hien considers this an opportunity to learn more of his foes and soon-to-be allies, and so you all agree to follow the Oronir to the Dawn Throne, where their khan awaits.
  • The most radiant brother Magnai, leader of the Oronir and lord of the Dawn Throne, recognizes you as warriors of the Steppe. But there his respect ends. He demands that you acknowledge his supreme authority and pay tribute, and when Lyse and Hien balk at his presumption, his flash of anger makes clear that it may be wiser to humor the Oronir...for now.
  • Magnai is pleased to see you step forward first, and states that there is much to be done in preparation for the Naadam. The details of the duties he would demand from you, however, shall be given by Baatu, the warrior who commanded your escort from Bardam's Mettle.



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