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Disambig icon.png This article is about the final boss of Bardam's Mettle. For the mount, see Yol (Mount).

These carnivorous cloudkin native to Othard’s Tail Mountains possess the uncanny ability to bend wind-aspected aether to their wills allowing for not only increased speed, but increased strength—a blast of concentrated gale force from its wings capable of upending a potential target before the yol need even approach it.

— In-game description

Yol is a boss found in Bardam's Mettle.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Mol paladins arms (il 276) icon1.png  Mol Paladin's Arms (IL 276) Other BDungeon 1
The impassible peak icon1.png  The Impassible Peak Marauder's Arm BDungeon 1
The blazing sun icon1.png  The Blazing Sun Dark Knight's Arm BDungeon 1
The impassionate tide icon1.png  The Impassionate Tide Gunbreaker's Arm BDungeon 1
The nimble beast icon1.png  The Nimble Beast Lancer's Arm BDungeon 1
The everflowing waters icon1.png  The Everflowing Waters Pugilist's Arm BDungeon 1
The unsullied skies icon1.png  The Unsullied Skies Samurai's Arm BDungeon 1
The dancing reeds icon1.png  The Dancing Reeds Rogue's Arm BDungeon 1
The crying wind icon1.png  The Crying Wind Archer's Arm BDungeon 1
The coming storm icon1.png  The Coming Storm Machinist's Arm BDungeon 1
The awaited stars icon1.png  The Awaited Stars Dancer's Arm BDungeon 1
The eloquent moon icon1.png  The Eloquent Moon Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm BDungeon 1
The heavens devoured icon1.png  The Heavens Devoured Arcanist's Grimoire BDungeon 1
The stained earth icon1.png  The Stained Earth Red Mage's Arm BDungeon 1
The voiceless moon icon1.png  The Voiceless Moon Two-handed Conjurer's Arm BDungeon 1
The heavens reeling icon1.png  The Heavens Reeling Scholar's Arm BDungeon 1
The lone beacon icon1.png  The Lone Beacon Astrologian's Arm BDungeon 1
Nomads coat of fending icon1.png  Nomad's Coat of Fending Body BDungeon 1
Nomads coat of maiming icon1.png  Nomad's Coat of Maiming Body BDungeon 1
Nomads coat of striking icon1.png  Nomad's Coat of Striking Body BDungeon 1
Nomads coat of scouting icon1.png  Nomad's Coat of Scouting Body BDungeon 1
Nomads coat of aiming icon1.png  Nomad's Coat of Aiming Body BDungeon 1
Nomads coat of casting icon1.png  Nomad's Coat of Casting Body BDungeon 1
Nomads coat of healing icon1.png  Nomad's Coat of Healing Body BDungeon 1
Nomads breeches of fending icon1.png  Nomad's Breeches of Fending Legs BDungeon 1
Nomads breeches of maiming icon1.png  Nomad's Breeches of Maiming Legs BDungeon 1
Nomads breeches of striking icon1.png  Nomad's Breeches of Striking Legs BDungeon 1
Nomads breeches of scouting icon1.png  Nomad's Breeches of Scouting Legs BDungeon 1
Nomads breeches of aiming icon1.png  Nomad's Breeches of Aiming Legs BDungeon 1
Nomads breeches of casting icon1.png  Nomad's Breeches of Casting Legs BDungeon 1
Nomads breeches of healing icon1.png  Nomad's Breeches of Healing Legs BDungeon 1
Road sparrow icon2.png  Road Sparrow Minion ABasic 1
Most unworthy orchestrion roll icon1.png  Most Unworthy Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
Bardam's Mettle Unknown 65


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave Main Scenario quest 65 Hien

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