Ice Shard

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Ice Shard

Item type
Carpenter frame icon.png 3
Armorer frame icon.png 1
Weaver frame icon.png 60
Culinarian frame icon.png 5

A tiny crystalline manifestation of aetheric ice energy.

— In-game description

Ice Shards are crystals made up of aetheric ice-aspected energy. Like all crystals, they are used by crafting classes as a catalyst to synthesize items.



Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Dreamer (2016) Old Gridania (10.3, 9.1) Fortune egg icon1.png 2


A complete list of locations can be found on Gamer Escape.

Quest Reward

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Double Dealing Main Scenario quest 8 Staelwyrn
On to Bentbranch Main Scenario quest 10 Mother Miounne
Misdirected Woo Daily quest 1 Yazel Ahuatan the Able
One Ixal's Buzzard Daily quest 3 Methuli Cattlan the Hard
A Long Way to the Top Daily quest 6 Rozol Cattlan the Prudent
Larboard and Lodging Daily quest 10 Tazel Meyean the Lettered
Out to Dry Sidequest 10 W'dhovaka
Way of the Carpenter Feature quest 1 Corgg
My First Saw Feature quest 1 Beatin
To Be the Wood Feature quest 5 Beatin
Supplies for the Sick Feature quest 10 Beatin
Way of the Armorer Feature quest 1 G'wahnako
My First Doming Hammer Class quest 1 H'naanza
From Thigh to Neck Class quest 5 H'naanza
The Base Fundamentals Class quest 10 H'naanza

Used For

Crystals are used as catalysts in every crafting recipe. Not every single recipe will use Ice Shards, but those that do are too numerous to list.

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