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Female ♀
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Old Gridania (6.5,7.8)
Quest NPC

"Nature is an unsentimental creature. She may provide for our every need today, only to take it all away on the morrow."

A rarity in Gridania, Fufucha Fucha is one of few Dunesfolk Lalafell who call the sylvan city-state home. Though born in Thanalan, an Amalj'aa raid forced her from the deserts as a child. Her family found salvation in the Black Shroud, and it is widely believed that she aspired to become master of the Botanists' Guild in order to protect the forest, and repay the goodwill of the forestborn who welcomed her so many summers ago. A hoary sentinel amongst the green saplings she calls her students, Fufucha's youthful countenance belies her forty and four years.

— In-game description

Fufucha is a Lalafell found in Old Gridania.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
My First Hatchet Class quest 1 Fufucha
Sap for Smiles Class quest 5 Fufucha
Weapons of a Feather Class quest 10 Fufucha
Haste Makes Waste Class quest 15 Fufucha
Dressed to Harvest Class quest 20 Fufucha
Aromatic Aspirations Class quest 25 Fufucha
What Nature Giveth Class quest 30 Fufucha
A Feast to Say the Least Class quest 35 Fufucha
Crisis of Faith Class quest 40 Fufucha
Botanist in a Bind Class quest 45 Fufucha
Seeds of Hope Class quest 50 Fufucha
Call from the Clouds Class quest 50 Fufucha
Never Meet Your Heroes Class quest 60 Fufucha

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Way of the Botanist Feature quest 1 Leonceault
Two Nations, One Seed Class quest 55 Mujih Mewrilah
Seeds Know No Borders Class quest 60 Mujih Mewrilah
You Say Popoto, I Say... Class quest 63 Edgyth
Walking for Walker's Class quest 65 Edgyth
The White Death Class quest 68 Edgyth
Edgyth's Winning Streak Class quest 70 Edgyth

Additional Information


As the master of the Botanists' Guild, Fufucha teaches prospective Botanists how to grow and harvest the bounties of nature, as well as working alongside the other guilds and the Order of the Twin Adder to purify and maintain the Black Shroud. She also helps supply crops and other vital items for the war effort against the Garlean Empire. She enlists the Warrior of Light to help gather what the guild requires for these endeavors. However, Fufucha felt conflicted about assisting the war effort that was actively disturbing the Twelveswood, and considered resigning. However, she and the Warrior of Light traveled to Coerthas Western Highlands and spoke to Roiteloin, who she worked with to gather wood to help rebuild the homes that had been damaged or destroyed by the war. Seeing how valuable her work was, she instead decided to stay on as the guildmaster.