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You Say Popoto, I Say...

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You Say Popoto, I Say...

Never Meet Your Heroes.png
Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:5.2, Y:4.3)
Required items
20 Wild popoto icon1.png  Wild Popoto
Experience 1,557,875
Gil 2,613
Previous quest
Never Meet Your Heroes
Next quest
Walking for Walker's

Edgyth requires the help of her botanical hero.

— In-game description


Optional rewards




  • Edgyth requires the help of her botanical hero.
  • Edgyth has received word saying that Fufucha has finished formulating her plan. Hesitant to go alone, as this will be her first trip to Gridania, she asks for you to show her around. You agree to do her the favor and prepare to make your way to the city-state.
  • You rendezvous with a somewhat overwhelmed Edgyth. This is her first time visiting anywhere with vegetation as lush as Gridania's and her heart is all aflutter. You wait for her to regain her composure before going to speak with Fufucha.
  • Fufucha explains that she has chosen a somewhat unlikely candidate for this project: the popoto. Confident that they are both suited to Dravania's climate and full of potential, she instructs you and Edgyth to gather some from East End. You ready yourself for the work ahead.
  • Edgyth mentions that a soldier told her popotoes were once grown in East End. She bids you collect a total of three wild popotoes, which she will then take back to the Mudplots.
  • Edgyth is highly impressed by the speed with which you complete the task she assigned you. She prepares to haul the popotoes back to the Mudplots, making one last self-deprecating remark before setting off.
  • You return to the Mudplots and hear from Edgyth that everything is in place for you to start planting the wild popotoes. Edgyth is impressed by your masterful technique, remarking she hopes to someday become even half as proficient as you. You are bid farewell and assured by Edgyth that she will take care of the rest of the work under the watchful eye of Fufucha.
    • ※The next botanist quest will be available from Edgyth upon reaching level 65.