Greatloam Growery

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Greatloam Growery

Map of Greatloam Growery

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Greatloam Growery

Home to some of the richest, most fertile soil in the Twelveswood, for hundreds of summers this land was the private property of an affluent family of merchants. In an unexpected move of faith-inspired philanthropy, the family donated the acreage to Gridania in the name o the goddess Nophica. Currently, the Botanists' Guild maintains the Growery, doling out small plots of land to the most promising members of its order.

— In-game description

Greatloam Growery is a landmark in Old Gridania, The Black Shroud.

Additional Information

Greatloam Growery is located in the western part of Old Gridania and serves as the Botanists' Guild with Fufucha as guildmaster.

Botanists' Guild Lore

The Botanists’ Guild can trace its roots to an organization formed in Gridania’s infancy. To gather the forest’s bounty, men needed the permission of the elementals—and asking questions necessitated the presence of a Hearer. Before long a group had formed around these intermediaries so as to understand the elementals’ intent. In time, these men and women created the Botanists’ Guild. In many ways, the guild remains unchanged by time: it still abides by a plan drawn up by Hearers, and harvests flora with the greatest of care. Botanists are also shepherds of the forest, planting saplings in the place of trees they fell, and have taken to tending gardens in the city and surrounding villages. [1]



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