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Walking for Walker's

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Walking for Walker's

Never Meet Your Heroes.png
Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:5.2, Y:4.3)
Required quest
Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out
Required items
20 Walkers popoto icon1.png  Walker's Popoto
Experience 1,758,750
Gil 4,409
Previous quest
You Say Popoto, I Say...
Next quest
The White Death

Edgyth is struggling to remember the way to Gridania.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Level 65 Harvesting from level 65 Lush Vegetation Patch in The Ruby Sea, East Othard Coastline (X:9.1 Y:7.6)



  • Edgyth is struggling to remember the way to Gridania.
  • Inspecting the Mudplots, you see that work on the popotoes has been progressing smoothly. Edgyth greets you by mentioning that Fufucha has requested you pay a visit to the guild in order to discuss your next job. Convinced that she remembers the way, Edgyth hurries off before you have a chance to object to her going alone.
  • Upon your arrival, Fufucha explains that she would like you to collect a new variety of popoto: the Walker's popoto. She hopes that crossbreeding the Walker's popoto with the popotoes being grown at the Mudplots will result in a new species that will stand out from other varieties. You head to Red Rooster Stead, one of the few places known to have cultivated Walker's popotoes once upon a time.
  • You speak with a few farmers and soon learn that the popotoes of your heart's desire have not been grown there since the Calamity. One farmer mentions that they were quite popular in the Far East, noting the Stead used to frequently export Walker's popotoes to the region.
  • Edgyth is down in the dumps yet again as she was unable to find out anything of use, although, you soon cheer her up by relaying your newly obtained information. She decides to entrust you with searching for the elusive vegetable in Kugane, as Edgyth needs to stay back and tend to the Mudplots. You ready yourself for yet another long journey in the name of botany.
  • Asking around Kugane, you soon learn that Walker's popotoes have been somewhat hard to come by of late. However, one of the local merchants is able to point you in the direction of his former supplier, Hikinami, who is thought to reside in the small village of Isari. Your seemingly never-ending journey continues as you make your way towards your next destination.
  • At last, you find your man, only for him to tell you that he too has long since given up growing Walker's popotoes. Helpfully, he points you the direction of where his farm used to lie, suggesting that there may still be a few popotoes growing there in the wild. Desperately clinging to this last slim thread of hope, you venture north to Hikinami's former farm.
  • You return from your long journey with your haul of Walker's popotoes in tow. After you have finished replainting them all, Edgyth is greeted by Sawney, the owner of the Mudplots. He asks you to try and help boost her self-confidence, before she entirely destroys what little is left of it. After Sawney takes his leave, Edgyth tells you that she would be best to return to the Mudplots once the popotoes have been successfully crossbred.
    • The next botanist quest will be available from Edgyth upon reaching level 68.