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The White Death

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The White Death

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Quest giver
Idyllshire (X:5.2, Y:4.3)
Required items
20 Nanoriso icon1.png  Nanoriso
Experience 2,227,500
Gil 4,236
Previous quest
Walking for Walker's
Next quest
Edgyth's Winning Streak

Edgyth is looking bereft of confidence as usual.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Level 68 Harvesting in The Ruby Sea, Rasen Kaikyo (X:12.4 Y:15.0 Z:-0.8) , on the same node as Ruby Tide Kelp



  • Edgyth is looking bereft of confidence as usual.
  • You find Edgyth looking rather more down in the dumps than usual. The reason for her mood soon becomes apparent, as she explains that the entire first generation of crossbred popotoes has recently withered. The two of you prepare to head to Gridania in order to consult Fufucha regarding this unforeseen predicament.
  • Speaking with Fufucha, you learn that even the guild's botanists have been stumped by Edgyth's problems. As no one else is seemingly capable of getting to the root of the issue, Fufucha asks for you to examine the plants with a fresh pair of eyes. You set off on the trip back to Idyllshire with your new mission in mind.
  • Upon examining the Mudplots' fields, you notice a strange white speck amongst the plant life. You decide this calls for further inspection and go in closer for a second look.
  • Your hunch proves well-founded as you discover a chalky stone. Unable to discern exactly what it could be, you elect to hand it over to Edgyth.
  • Edgyth seems to have worked out the stone's identity, before immediately doubting herself, as she is wont to do. You talk some sense to her and, after regaining her composure, she bids you head to Stickqix's Bangpots in order to have Goldwox there create a reagent. Edgyth says this holds the key to identifying the blight affecting the popotoes.
  • You hand Edgyth's order to Goldwox. The goblin girl informs you that while she can make the reagent you require, she first needs you to bring her eight dumps of nanoriso. You prepare to embark on a long journey to Rasen Kaikyo by the Ruby Sea in search of the exotic plant.
  • You return to the Bangpots, weary from your travels, and furnish Goldwox with her requested nanoriso. She is at last able to synthesize a reagent for you, which you gladly accept. The object you came for in hand, you begin the trip back to Greengrub Mudplots, hoping to finally solve the mystery behind the problematic popotoes.
  • After applying the reagent, it becomes apparent the menace that has laid waste to the popotoes is none other than an eelworm. The stones you discovered were in fact the creature's eggs, which Sawney theorizes hatched in the Mudplots fairly recently. Upon learning all of this, Fufucha asks for some time to allow her to invent a plan to tackle the eelworm threat.
    • The next botanist quest will be available from Edgyth upon reaching level 70.