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Seeds Know No Borders

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Seeds Know No Borders

Call from the Clouds.png
Quest giver
Mujih Mewrilah
Foundation (X:9.5, Y:11.9)
Required items
3 Chysahl greens icon1.png  Chysahl Greens
1 Greatloam gysahl greens icon1.png  Greatloam Gysahl Greens
1 Martineaus findings icon1.png  Martineau's Findings
Experience 662,500
Gil 3,037
Previous quest
Feature QuestLove for Harmony
Next quest
Feature QuestNever Meet Your Heroes

Mujih Mewrilah appears at once pleased and sorry to see you.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


Level 60 Harvesting from level 60 Unspoiled Lush Vegetation Patch in Coerthas Western Highlands, Twinpools (X:8.7 Y:10.7)

8 AM/PM Eorzea time, Perception: 408 needed



  • Mujih Mewrilah appears at once pleased and sorry to see you.
  • Even as Mujih informs you that there has been no word from Basyle, the botanist calls her via linkpearl. To her great dismay, it appears he has gotten into trouble with the Vault on account of his recent activities, which were mentioned in her articles. Determined to help Basyle, Mujih bids you seek him out at Camp Cloudtop while she explores all possible avenues of aid.
  • You arrive just in time to witness Basyle being questioned by two representatives from the Vault, Ser Vainctoroix and Father Aubierault. Ridiculous though it sounds, he is accused of besmirching Ishgardian honor by planting a foreign variety of gysahl greens on Ishgardian soil─an indiscretion which may well cost him his life. Unless you can provide conclusive proof of Basyle's innocence, he will be forced to defend it in a trial by combat. The desperate botanist begs you to go to the Botanists' Guild, whence the seeds for the offending vegetables hail, and ask Fufucha for advice.
  • Fufucha is shocked to learn of Basyle's situation. That shock soon gives way to pleasure, however, as she goes on to reveal that the gysahl greens in question are in fact of Coerthan stock, whereas most of the plants presently grown in Ishgard are of the Near Eastern variety. In order to prove this point, she gives you a bunch of Greatloam gysahl greens, and bids you gather three bunches of chysahl greens in the western highlands of Coerthas. Once you have obtained the latter, present both varieties of greens to the herbalist Martineau in Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral, that he might attest to their similarities.
  • You present the two varieties of greens to Martineau, and the herbalist wastes no time declaring that they belong to the same family of foliage plants. He commits his findings to a piece of parchment, which he bids you use as testimony. Hasten back to Camp Cloudtop and present to Basyle the items you have acquired which will prove his innocence.
  • You present the chysahl greens to Basyle. Despite being a botanist, he was not familiar with this variety, lending credence to Fufucha's claim that native gysahl greens are no longer cultivated in Ishgard. Offer him the other items to serve as evidence─the Greatloam gysahl greens and Martineau's findings.
  • Much to your relief, the evidence you have gathered suffices to exonerate Basyle of all wrongdoing. In an unexpected turn, Father Aubierault reveals to you that he had earlier received a package from the Botanists' Guild bearing a donation of seeds. Touched by this gesture, he promises that Basyle will no longer be hindered in his work. Speak with Basyle and share in his joy.
  • Basyle is tremendously grateful for your invaluable aid, and bids you share with Mujih the happy outcome. Find the reporter at the aetheryte plaza in Ishgard.
  • Mujih lets it slip that it was she who sent the seeds, out of the desire to make amends for the trouble she had caused. She thanks you for helping her to write the most fulfilling story of her life, and bids you collect your reward from Fufucha.
  • At the Botanists' Guild, Fufucha happily informs you that Mujih's latest article has inspired many souls to aspire to botany. In parting, she marks your continued growth as a botanist with pride, and bids you continue employing your knowledge and skills in service to man and nature both.
    • ※The next botanist quest will be available from Fufucha once you have met the following requirements:
    • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood must be registered to your service account.
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “The Far Edge of Fate.”