Seeds of Hope

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Seeds of Hope

Way of the Botanist.png
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:6, Y:7)
Required items
3 Spruce log icon1.png  Spruce Log
Experience 210,600
Gil 0
Previous quest
Botanist in a Bind
Next quest
Call from the Clouds

Fufucha of the Botanists' Guild has reached a most difficult decision.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Level 50★ Logging in Coerthas Central Highlands (x27.3,y12.7) at 9:00AM to 12:00PM Eorzean time.

As an Unspoiled Node, Truth of Forests.png  Truth of Forests must be active. A level 60 trait makes this automatic.

Other types of timed nodes include Folklore Nodes and Ephemeral Nodes.


  • Speak with Yannie at Greatloam Grower.
  • Find the troubled carpenter.
  • Speak with Fufucha at the Botanists' Guild.


  • Fufucha of the Botanists' Guild has reached a most difficult decision.
  • Unable to reconcile her conflicting feelings regarding the Botanists' Guild serving the war effort that has brought such turmoil to the once-tranquil Twelveswood, Fufucha has made the grave decision to resign her position as guildmaster. Yannie at the Greatloam Growery would assign you a task in the former guildmaster's stead.
  • Yannie would convince her friend Fufucha not to abandon the guild, and seeks your aid. Travel to the Timberlord's Lodge, west of Skyfire Locks in the Coerthas central highlands, and seek the counsel of Roiteloin, a former apprentice of Fufucha's.
  • Roiteloin sympathizes deeply with Fufucha's dilemma, and has devised a plan that he believes will lift her spirits and impel her to reconsider her decision. Gather for him three logs of spruce, a type of lumber still rare in these lands. Use the Truth of Forests technique to identify unfamiliar mature trees, from which spruce logs may be harvested.
  • Roiteloin explains that the spruce logs you gathered are sorely needed by the people of Coerthas, many of whom have had their homes razed to the ground by dragonfire. Head due west from the Observatorium and seek out the carpenter who heads the rebuilding effort.
  • At Yannie's request, Fufucha journeyed to Coerthas to see with her own eyes the forest she helped grow, and the experience has opened her eyes. Return to the Botanists' Guild and speak with Fufucha.
  • Having finally come to peace with her role as a botanist in times of strife, Fufucha has decided to remain at the guild. She thanks you for helping her rediscover the sense of purpose she had lost, and applauds you as a model for all botanists to follow.