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Close Encounters of the VIth Kind

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Close Encounters of the VIth Kind

Close Encounters of the VIth Kind Image.png
Quest giver
Guidance Node
Azys Lla (X:35, Y:24)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario
Experience 53,820
Gil 994
Previous quest
Chimerical Maintenance
Next quest
Fetters of Lament
Inadequate Safety Measures
Environmental Unbalance
Elevated Aggression Levels

The guidance node is ready to take you through the Gamma Quadrant.

— In-game description




Completion of this quest unlocks an increase to mount speed in Azys Lla.



  • The guidance node warns you that the Garleans are out in force in the Gamma Quadrant. Make your way through the area, all the while exercising the utmost caution, and rejoin your comrades near the enemy encampment.
  • A squad of imperial troops chase you down as you arrive at the matter conduit, but you succeed in repelling them. Speak with the guidance node again, and pray that there are no further interruptions.
  • You and your companions are set upon by Regula van Hydrus, legatus of the VIth Legion. Though you are able to overwhelm him, he sets his minions upon you and boards an airship, most certainly bound for the research facility. With time running short, Alphinaud bids you continue your pursuit of the archbishop while he and the others keep the enemy at bay. Having accepted the Eye into your keeping, you use the matter conduit and emerge within a new quadrant. Seek out the guidance node nearby to receive further instructions.
  • According to the guidance node, Delta Quadrant, where you now stand, is home to live dragons.

Solo Duty Walkthrough

Upon speaking with the guidance node for the last time, you will enter a solo duty facing off against Regula van Hydrus. This will be a long fight as he has a large health pool.

  • Y'shtola, Alphinaud, and Estinien will join you for this fight, doing damage and healing you as necessary. Do not be afraid to use your own healing spells if you have any. Save potions for when you are extremely low on HP, as ally AI is not too reliable or quick.
  • Quickly eliminate the additional enemies that spawn early on in battle. Focus on Regula only after they are down. At this time, Y'shtola and Estinen will leave and Alphinaud will summon an Obsidian Carbuncle to fight alongside you.
  • Regula has a few unique attacks to watch out for:
    • Hand of the Empire is a ranged attack that will hit you and anything nearby. Stand away from Alphinaud and any Main Ceruleum Tanks.
    • He will occasionally dash across the field and plant a number of blue-flamed X's. Upon casting Terminus Est, the X's will propel straight forward and deal damage. Avoid standing in their line of trajectory.
    • Flame Field will leave a lasting circle of blue fire on the ground. Do not step in this, as it will apply a hurtful DoT.
    • When Regula calls for Air Artillery, a number of Main Ceruleum Tanks will fall into the field. Knock these away with auto-attacks or quick hitting skills, preferably out of the field altogether. If these tanks are hit by any of his other attacks, they will explode and deal high damage.
  • When Regula van Hydrus's HP is reduced to a certain amount and enough time has passed, the duty will be completed.