Close Encounters of the VIth Kind

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Guidance Node - Azys Lla (x35, y24)
Requirements Level 59
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 86400    Gil 994
Aether Current Icon.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
Chimerical Maintenance Elevated Aggression Levels
Environmental Unbalance
Fetters of Lament
Inadequate Safety Measures


Upon speaking with the guidance node for the last time, you will enter a duty. With Y'shtola, Alphinaud, and Estinen, you will face off against Regula van Hydrus. This will be a long fight as he has boss-tier HP.

  • Additional enemies will spawn during the battle. Quickly eliminate them. At this time, Y'shtola and Estinen will leave the closed battlefield, and Alphinaud will summon an Obsidian Carbuncle to fight alongside you.
    • If needed, rely on Alphinaud's healing by staying near him whenever possible. Save using potions until you are extremely critical on HP, as his AI is not too reliable and quick. Do not be afraid to use healing spells if you have any.
  • When Regula van Hydrus's HP is reduced to a certain amount and enough time has passed, the duty will be completed.

Regula van Hydrus's attacks:

  • Hand of the Empire: van Hydrus readies this skill for about 2.5 seconds and fires a blue flame from his hand. This will hit you and anything nearby.
  • Terminus Est: van Hydrus will prepare this by swiftly dash across the field and cross slash, planting blue-flamed X's. Then he will cast Terminus Est for 2.5 seconds, causing the X's to propel forward and deal damage. This does not have a visible length of range—simply stay away from the frontal of the arced X's.
  • Flame Field: van Hydrus will occasionally summon blue flames on the floor, leaving a circular area of effect. Avoid stepping into the field as it will cause DoT.
  • Air Artillery: van Hydrus will eventually call for air artillery. This will cause Main Cereleum Tanks to fall onto the field. Knock these away from you with auto-attacks or quick hitting skills, preferably out of the field. If the tanks are hit by any of van Hydrus's three attacks, they will explode and deal high damage.


  • Speak with Estinien.
  • Speak with the guidance node at Matter Conduit VI-VII.
  • Speak with the guidance node at Matter Conduit VII-VI.


  • The guidance node is ready to take you through the Gamma Quadrant.
  • The guidance node warns you that the Garleans are out in force in the Gamma Quadrant. Make your way through the area, all the while exercising the utmost caution, and rejoin your comrades near the enemy encampment.
  • The Garlean force present is revealed to be none other than the VIth Imperial Legion, which you first encountered at the Zundu village. Their purpose is to acquire the knowledge to capture primals, to which end they also seek the Aetherochemical Research Facility. Though their presence complicates matters, you must remain focused on your mission to stop the archbishop. Proceed to Matter Conduit VI-VII.
  • A squad of imperial troops chase you down as you arrive at the matter conduit, but you succeed in repelling them. Speak with the guidance node again, and pray that there are no further interruptions.
  • You and your companions are set upon by Regula van Hydrus, legatus of the VIth Legion. Though you are able to overwhelm him, he sets his minions upon you and boards an airship, most certainly bound for the research facility. With time running short, Alphinaud bids you continue your pursuit of the archbishop while he and the others keep the enemy at bay. Having accepted the Eye into your keeping, you use the matter conduit and emerge within a new quadrant. Seek out the guidance node nearby to receive further instructions.
  • According to the guidance node, Delta Quadrant, where you now stand, is home to live dragons.