Gamma Quadrant

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Gamma Quadrant

Researchers stationed to this quadrant oversaw the development and creation of unmanned weapons and devices such as nodes. Upon their arrival at the complex, the Garleans made use of the internment hulk landing in this area to anchor their dreadnaught, and in recent moons have been seen surveying locations to begin construction on a new fortress: Castrum Solus.

— In-game description

Gamma Quadrant is an area in Azys Lla.


Landmark (map icon).png
The Gration

Flagship of the Vlth Legion of the Garlean Empire, of the same make as the fallen Agrius. It now lies grounded, its ceruleum engines sealed in aetheric ice by the hand of Shiva, Lady of Frost.

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The Cathedral

A cathedral designed in a distinct Meracydian style. The architecture suggests a place of worship by a tribe of treelike beings who believed themselves as the "remnants" of Sephirot. To research the link between faith and primal summoning, the Allagans moved the ancient structure to Azys Lla from its original location on the southern continent.