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Inadequate Safety Measures

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Inadequate Safety Measures

Quest giver
Restrainment Node
Azys Lla (X:9.3, Y:36.5)

Required quest
Close Encounters of the VIth Kind
Experience 43,200
Gil 737

The Allagan Restrainment Node is gently glowing and spinning.

— In-game description




  • Slay Meracydian dragons.
  • Slay Meracydian falaks.
  • Report to the restrainment node.


  • The Allagan restrainment node is gently glowing and spinning.
  • The Allagan restrainment node informs you that several Dravanian test subjects have escaped from their restraints and now roam the area unchecked. The system asks you to kill three Meracydian dragons and three Meracydian falaks to mitigate the risk these dangerous creatures pose.
  • You slay the beasts as instructed by the restrainment node. Report to the system with notice of the completion of your mission.
  • The restrainment node thanks you for your hard work and identifies the cause of the containment breach as a weakening of the dragons' restraints over time. It lodges a report recommending that the research facility use more durable equipment that can last more than just a few thousand years without becoming ineffective.

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