The Void

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The Void

Final Fantasy XIV

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— In-game description

The Void is a world in Final Fantasy XIV. It is what remains of the Thirteenth Shard after the mistakes of the Ascians following the Sundering. After mistakenly tipping the Elemental balance of the Thirteenth and overwhelmed the Shard with Astral-aspected Aether, the Shard was completely destroyed by Darkness, rendering it completely devoid of life, and twisting the denizens into horrid aether-starved creatures who would come to be known as the Voidsent.

Though the Thirteenth was not sent careening into the Source, the barriers between it and the Source, the barriers between the two were severely weakened, even breaking from time to time, allowing passage from both sides. The Allagan Empire were able to take advantage of this by creating a way to open their own Tears in the walls between in order to bring through the Voidsent and make a pact with a high ranking ruler of the Void named the Cloud of Darkness to turn the tides of their war in exchange for aether. Millenia later, the Mhach used their Magic to open gates to the Void, however they were able to control the Voidsent and were able to use them more effectively for their war. There are other instances of people on Eorzea using magic to access or enter the Void, however it almost always ends up with a Voidsent taking advantage of an overconfident mage and wreaking havoc.

Entering into the Void is incredibly dangerous for any living being, Voidsent aside. The realm is so barren of aether that the Darkness itself will attack any living organism and slowly erode it until the being is completely consumed by Darkness. This phenomenon was observed by Nero tol Scaeva when he accidentally entered the Void while trying to save the clones of Doga and Unei. The longer he was in the Void, the more and more his health and strength deteriorated. He only narrowly managed to escape by breaking the grip the Darkness held on him and exiting through a gate.

Within the Void, there seem to be several hierarchies based on the strength of the Voidsent, with the strongest beings at the top and acting as ruler over the lesser, weaker beings. It is believed that any being strong enough can rise through the ranks, although the chances of the Voidsent surviving and reaching a place of power are incredibly slim. Interestingly, the weaker of the Voidsent are the ones who are able to pass through the barrier to the Source much easier than the beings who are larger or stronger.