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Female ♀
Elf (Wildwood)
Wandering Stairs Waitress
The Crystarium (10.7,15.3)
Warriors of Darkness
Quest NPC

Welcome to your home away from home, the Wandering Stairs, where we serve the finest ale you'll find this side of the Crystarium. Courtesy of the Facet of Nourishing, of course.

— In-game description

Cyella Valthane is an Elf found in The Crystarium.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Hero's Journey Sidequest 80 Cyella
Safekeeping Sidequest 80 Cyella

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Warrior of Darkness Main Scenario quest 71 Crystal Exarch
Shadow Walk with Me Sidequest 80 Glynard
A Bounty of Hunters Sidequest 80 Unukalhai

Additional Information

See also: Shadowkeeper and Shadow Wolf

Personal History

Notable Conversations


"What is that look for? I'm still a tavern wench, aren't I? We all have our parts to play."

An initially unassuming elf in the employ of the Wandering Stairs, Cyella has a knack for wrangling unruly patrons—Giott in particular. Ten millennia old in truth, her outward identity is naught but one of many masks she has worn over the years. Her true home is the Thirteenth, which she valiantly attempted to save from being overcome by Darkness. Although blessed with the powers of a fledgling champion, she found no companions to support her struggle, and at the end of a long and lonely battle suffered defeat.

Rescued from the brink of death by the Ascians, Cyella swore to their cause after receiving their gift of immortal life. It was at their behest that she made her way to the First under the guise of "Cylva," where she met the adventurer Ardbert and conspired to join his party. Whilst appearing to help them on their journey to awakening as the Warriors of Light, Cylva was secretly feeding off her new allies' energy, building her strength as the Shadowkeeper. She was ultimately bested by Ardbert, thus ushering in the Flood of Light.

Decades later, upon learning of the misuse of her former companions' bodies, Cyella assumed her role at the Stairs. After seeing to it that the Cardinal Virtues were vanquished, she confessed her dark past to the Warrior of Darkness, desirous of death to release her from shame and remorse. The Warrior instead urged her to continue living and find a different way to atone for her sins. Alongside Unukalhai, a fellow native of the Thirteenth, Cyella has chosen the difficult path of restoring her home world.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 155