Brave New Companions

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Brave New Companions

Brave New Companions Image.png
Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:21.9, Y:7.8)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era Main Scenario Quests
Required items
8 Ultramarine Uniform Icon.png  Ultramarine Uniform
Experience 2,340
Gil 7,000
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestWhen the Cold Sets In
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestTraitor in the Midst
Feature QuestJudgment Bolts and Lightning

Main Scenario Progress: 199 / 853 (23.3%)


A Realm Reborn Progress: 199 / 241 (82.6%)


Slafborn has news on the progress of the inaugural ceremony.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • Slafborn has news on the progress of the inaugural ceremony.
  • Slafborn informs you that the preparations for the inaugural ceremony are almost complete. He is concerned, however, that Tataru yet seems buried under a mountain of small details. Head into the Rising Stones and offer your aid to the harried receptionist.
  • Tataru appears overjoyed at your offer of help, and wastes no time in assigning you a task. Track down the recruits waiting around Revenant's Toll, and present them with their new uniforms.
  • You return to Alphinaud, and the young Scion proclaims the inaugural ceremony ready to begin. After taking his place before the assembled─and newly garbed─recruits, Alphinaud launches into an impassioned speech. He reiterates their mission to protect Eorzea, and at last reveals the name he has chosen for the trial company: the Crystal Braves. As the cheers die down, Minfilia congratulates Crystal Brave Commander Leveilleur on the culmination of his hard work. Speak with the Antecedent and discuss what is to come.
  • Though enthusiastic about the formation of the Crystal Braves, Minfilia's jubilance is muted by a grave concern─the prolonged silence of the Mothercrystal. After confirming her suspicions, the Antecedent realizes that Hydaelyn has spoken to neither of you since the final battle with the Empire. Just as it seems Eorzea will at last win free of the Calamity's stifling shadow, another darkness gathers to cast its ominous pall across the land...


Accepting the Quest

Slafborn: While you were away in Coerthas, preparations for the inaugural ceremony were all but completed. ...Although Tataru does yet seem somewhat flustered.
Slafborn: I've taken enough of your time. Why don't you head into the Rising Stones and see if your frantic receptionist could do with a hand?
Slafborn: Tataru yet seemed buried in details for the upcoming ceremony. I imagine she might appreciate the aid of a reliable adventurer...

Speaking with Tataru in the Rising Stones

Tataru: These parchments need to be sorted, and these documents...why are they even here!? Oooh! I am sorely tempted to file the lot in my wastepaper basket!
Tataru: Ah! [Forename]! You startled me! wish to lend a hand? Splendid!
Tataru: Would you be a dear and hand these uniforms to the new recruits? They're scattered about Revenant's Toll and I haven't the time to track them all down!
Tataru: The recruits know to don their garb immediately and assemble here in the Rising Stones. You'll want to report directly back to Alphinaud if you don't wish to miss the ceremony!
Tataru: I wonder if the Scions will ever have matching uniforms... A well-funded organization is a well-dressed organization, I suppose!
Tataru: Once you are done delivering the uniforms to the recruits, pray report back to Alphinaud. The ceremony is almost ready to begin!

Presenting the uniforms to the recruits

Laurentius: I thought it best to mimic my fellows here, but I admit that I have no idea what we're supposed to be doing...
Laurentius: Ah! Our new uniforms! I am reminded of my induction into the Wood Wailers...
Laurentius: Hmmm... No, I fail to see what so engages their attention.
Yuyuhase: Those who believe this company will see no riches are shortsighted fools. The giving of oneself 'tis an investment in the future─thus did I sign my name to the cause.
<Hand Over Ultramarine Uniform>
Yuyuhase: These uniforms were a splendid idea. Once our organization has made a name for itself, there shall be wealth aplenty in selling replica costumes to the adoring masses.
Yuyuhase: I began as a humble aetheryte guard, yet as you have witnessed, I stand poised to join the rise of a glorious new order. Where before my pockets were empty, now shall they bulge with coin!
Aergmhus: This scarlet garb marks me as a proud member of the Maelstrom, and a hearty defender of Limsa Lominsa! Yet in truth, I stand for the betterment of the realm, and thought this new company a fine opportunity to contribute on a grander scale.
<Hand Over Ultramarine Uniform>
Aergmhus: Oho, now that's a striking shade of blue! Put alongside my Maelstrom uniform, my wardrobe will certainly not lack for color!
Aergmhus: Forgive me for shedding the red, Admiral! But I must devote my efforts to the greatest good!
Ilberd: I don't believe we've met. I am Ilberd, and I will have the honor of leading my fellow recruits as captain. Much did I lose to the Calamity, and I look forward to aiding others in rebuilding their lives.
<Hand Over Ultramarine Uniform>
Ilberd: The uniforms are a shrewd decision. There is no easier method of creating a common bond among what is, essentially, a band of strangers.
Ilberd: I was barely more than a refugee myself for a time, and I know what it is to be without hope. I shall do my utmost to see this company succeed...
Ephemie: [Forename] [Surname]!? Gods, I did not expect to meet you strolling about town! The tales of your primal battles were what inspired me to come to Revenant's Toll.
<Hand Over Ultramarine Uniform>
Ephemie: 'Tis an honor to receive this uniform from your hands. I shall wear it with pride!
Ephemie: I have followed the deeds of the Scions with the greatest awe and admiration. To fight at your side has long been a dream that I can scarce believe is coming true.
Wilred: Little Ala Mhigo could learn much from Revenant's Toll. That this town can be so alive in the midst of such desolation...
<Hand Over Ultramarine Uniform>
Wilred: ...I've never worn aught quite so voluminous. Well, I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to the extra cloth in time.
Wilred: 'Tis not that I enjoy baring my skin, you understand. Thanalan was simply very hot. <sigh> Never mind...
Riol: Hello there, lad/lass. Lookin' for me, was ye? I'd suggest givin' a whistle, but I'm not sure as I'd hear it amongst all the bustle.
<Hand Over Ultramarine Uniform>
Riol: Oho! Proper uniforms an' all! This thing'll cut off the blood to me head... Not to worry, though! I'm sure she'll be fine after makin' a few adjustments!
Riol: Here's hopin' I don't run across any o' me old mates wearin' this outfit. I'll have their laughter ringin' in me ears for days!
Alianne: Isildaure has at last retired from the adventurer's life. Though I shall miss his wisdom and irrepressible spirit, I am excited to forge my own path forwards.
<Hand Over Ultramarine Uniform>
Alianne: Ah, yes, the uniform! Thank you! Truth be told, the thought of pledging myself to such a lofty organization is somewhat intimidating...
Alianne: Do the others have their uniforms already? I should really be on my way before the ceremony begins. I will make you proud, Isildaure!

Speaking with Alphinaud in the Rising Stones

Alphinaud: Yes, [Forename]? Ah, Tataru mentioned you were handing out the new uniforms. I assume you've now met the rest of the recruits?
Alphinaud: Some few answered the call to arms I put forth through the established Grand Companies and such. We are not yet an army, but there is much a small corps of elite warriors can achieve.
Alphinaud: ...Did I mention I'd thought of a name for the company? 'Tis my hope that it shall soon be known across the breadth of Eorzea.
Alphinaud: The moment of truth draws near, [Forename]. Once the last of the recruits have gathered, I shall make the official announcement.


Alphinaud: Comrades! Your presence here this day signifies the momentous choice that each of you has made. 
Alphinaud: With your strength now pledged to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, you are beholden to no single nation. You stand as the vanguard for a united Eorzea! 
Alphinaud: From this moment forth, I declare you Crystal Braves! Let us mend this fractured realm, and face our enemies as one! 
Alphinaud: Whether it be the beastmen and their primals, or the conflict in Carteneau, it is plain that the nations of Eorzea cannot solve the problems which plague the realm. Thus does it fall to some few heroic souls to succeed where they have failed! 
Alphinaud: Come! Take your place at the Scions' side as guardians of Eorzea! And together we shall fight for the freedom of all! 
Crystal Braves: For the freedom of all!


Minfilia: A rousing speech, Alphinaud. Or should I say, Crystal Brave Commander Leveilleur? 
Alphinaud: Please, Antecedent...the title is honorary. I shall not be “leading the troops into battle,” as it were. 
Alphinaud: We are of the same purpose. Let us join hands, and do what must be done to save this land. 
Minfilia: The Scions stand ready!

Speaking with Minfilia (Cutscene)

Minfilia: I'm eager to see what the Crystal Braves might accomplish. This shall prove an interesting time indeed for the Scions. 
Minfilia: Yes, I'm listening. 
Minfilia: So, our worst fears are confirmed. The entire isle... Such power defies comprehension... 
Minfilia: Truly!? Krile is alive!? Thank the Twelve... 
Minfilia: ...I see. Pray inform me if her condition changes. Yes. I shall pass on your words to Urianger. 
Minfilia: My thanks. I shall contact you anon. 
Minfilia: When I learned of the loss of the Isle of Val, I dared not hope that my friend had survived. Yet by some miracle, it would seem she has. She's still to regain consciousness, it is true, but better that than death. 
Minfilia: Putting this happy news to one side, we must now endeavor to make sense of the readings taken by the survey party. 
Minfilia: It appears the aetheric disturbance which accompanied the isle's destruction is of a magnitude alarmingly close to that of Ultima. Could the Ascians be responsible for this devastation as well? 
Minfilia: I wonder... Have you heard aught from the Mothercrystal since the battle with the Garleans? 
Minfilia: Then She speaks to neither one of us. Hydaelyn's silence portends naught but ill, I fear. 
Minfilia: Louisoix... I pray you yet watch over us... 

Post turn-in Cutscene

Haurchefant: Very good. See that the provisions are prepared for transport. Let us hope that this shipment is spared the fate of the last.
Haurchefant: The winds are uncommon fierce this day...