Back and Fourth

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Back and Fourth

Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:8, Y:9)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 4,800
Gil 2,000
Previous quest
Traitor in the Midst
Next quest
Coming to Terms

Ilberd is eager to continue his investigation into the Garlean spy known as the Ivy.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Defeat imperial troops who appear at specified locations in Castrum Centri. 0/3


  • Upon returning to the Rising Stones, Alphinaud informs you that a unit of Crystal Braves was ambushed by Garlean forces during your absence. Worse, it seems that one of the unit's members was captured and taken to Castrum Centri. With no time to form a rescue party, Ilberd asks that you lead a mission to free the prisoner. Make your way to the Tangle, by the entrance to the imperial stronghold, and receive further instructions from Alianne.
  • Alianne fears that her wounded comrade may not survive the rough treatment of her Garlean captors. Accompany her and the 4th Unit as they infiltrate Castrum Centri, and find Crystal Brave Rhesh Polaali.
  • You find Rhesh Polaali alive, but in no condition to move unaided. Seeing this, Alianne asks you to create a diversion, that her comrade might be borne away unmolested. Make your way around the castrum, striking down any imperial forces you encounter, and thereby ensuring that all eyes are on you.
  • You have wreaked considerable havoc within Castrum Centri, hopefully affording the 4th Unit a chance to bear away their wounded comrade. Head outside the stronghold and search for Alianne.
  • You are relieved to find that Alianne and the others made it to safety. Return to the Rising Stones and report the mission's success to Alphinaud.
  • Back at the Rising Stones, Alphinaud and Ilberd take turns congratulating you on the success of the rescue mission. You have little time to glory in your triumph, however, as Alphinaud goes on to reveal that your work for him is not yet done. It is time to set down your weapon and don the hat of diplomacy, for your presence has been requested at a meeting with an Ishgardian dignitary...