Spirithold Broken

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Spirithold Broken

Spirithold Broken Image.png
Quest giver
Central Shroud (X:23, Y:19)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 3,240
Gil 206
Previous quest
A Soldier's Breakfast
Next quest
On to Bentbranch
Leves of Bentbranch

Galfrid, chief instructor at the Bannock, would entrust you with the task of investigating Spirithold.

— In-game description





  • You learn that a party of conjurers and their Wood Wailer escort were attacked by a towering shadow while performing a sacred rite inside Spirithold. Report to Alestan, who stands guard at the dungeon's entrance, and request further orders.
  • While the majority of those who entered Spirithold have been evacuated, two conjurers, three Wood Wailers, and the Hearer remain unaccounted for. Locate the missing, and rescue any survivors.
  • Only the Hearer remains, somewhere in the dungeon's depths. Find him and ensure that he leaves Spirithold alive.
  • You encounter a mysterious masked mage who unleashes a clay golem upon you. After a desperate struggle, you manage to dispatch the automaton just as Yda and Papalymo arrive.
  • The presence of the two scholars triggers yet another inexplicable vision inside your mind. Though your soul cries out for answers, this is neither the time nor place to ask questions. Report to Alestan outside Spirithold.
  • Safely back in Gridania, you relate your tale to Miounne, only for her to forbid you from repeating the story to others. What strange forces could be at work in the Twelveswood? Such matters are best left to the Hearers, it would seem. For now, take advantage of Miounne's introduction to guildleves, as well as her offer of guild accommodations, and prepare yourself for future adventures.


Accepting the Quest

Galfrid: Adventurer! Thank the gods you've come!

Galfrid: We have a potential crisis on our hands, and I would appreciate your assistance. Will you hear me out?

Galfrid: Listen well, for we haven't much time.

Galfrid: To the southeast of here lies a dungeon known as Spirithold. It was all but destroyed during the Calamity.

Galfrid: Desiring to offer the ruins back to the forest, a Hearer ventured inside to carry out the Rite of Returning.

Galfrid: Alas, it would seem something has gone awry. Word arrived just moments ago that the Hearer and his guards have been attacked by a towering shadow. Aye, you heard me true - a shadow.

Galfrid: On any other day, I would dispatch my best Quivermen to provide support, but I sent them to repel an Ixali incursion in the West Shroud nary a bell ago.

Galfrid: The timing of these events cannot be mere coincidence. I fear the Ixal somehow caught wind of our plans, and are attempting to disrupt the rite in an effort to weaken the bond between man and elemental.

Galfrid: They must not be allowed to succeed. And so I bid you go to Spirithold and do whatever is necessary to resolve the situation. Please, say you will help us.

Galfrid: I knew you would not let me down. You will have all the support I can muster.

Galfrid: Now, we are racing against time, so you had best make haste.

Speak with Alestan

Alestan: Who goes there? An adventurer, is it?

Alestan: Here at Instructor Galfrid's request, you say? Thank the Matron!

Alestan: Doubtless you already know this, but a towering shadow manifested without warning and attacked the Hearer in the midst of the rite.

Alestan: Most of his party has been successfully evacuated, but five remain unaccounted for.

Alestan: Please find them, and see them out of harm's way.

To the Rescue

Worried Wood Wailer: <groan> A shadow... towering over me... What in the Twelve's good grace?

Worried Wood Wailer: A-an adventurer!? Please, you must save the Hearer!

Witless Wood Wailer: Galfrid... sent you?

Witless Wood Wailer: I am no longer... of use here. Pray help the Hearer... in my stead.

Overwrought Wood Wailer: Away, vile fiend! Away, I say! I defy you! I defy yooouuu!!! ...Uh? ...Oh! An adventurer!

Overwrought Wood Wailer: W-We were ambushed - ambushed in the midst of the ritual! And then... And then... I'm not sure what happened.

Cool-headed Conjurer: ...You were sent to help? I fear you are too late - the ritual has failed.

Cool-headed Conjurer: I must needs return to Gridania. The Seedseers must know of this.

Confused Conjurer: That thing was no elemental, but a being born of darkness.

Confused Conjurer: The Hearer languishes alone in the depths. You must help him!

Speaking to the Hearer

Masked Mage: O mournful voice of creation! Grant ye this humble stone a soul, that it may wake to life!

<Golem defeated>

Masked Mage: That the golem could be vanquished...

Masked Mage: That man/lady is no ordinary adventurer.

Papalymo: Damnation! He has eluded us yet again!

Yda: Oh, fancy meeting you here! How are things?

In the Vision

Papalymo: Hm? Whatever are you-

Yda: Shhh! More birds! This makes it how many times today? Seven?

Papalymo: Their movements are beyond our fathoming.

Yda: Hmmm. Do you think maybe... they're trying to summon their primal?

Papalymo: I hope not, for all our sakes. Yet we must be prepared for the worst.

Vision Pt. 2

Papalymo: Withered. The same fate has befallen Emerald Moss.

Papalymo: It is as we feared: Dalamud's anomaly is affecting life in the Twelveswood.

Yda: You mean the disturbance in the aetheric flow?

Papalymo: The very same. The Garleans have a lot to answer for.

Papalymo: The imbalance they have created is plunging the land into chaos, just as Louisoix forewarned.

Yda: It's no wonder the primals have started appearing...

Papalymo: Time is against us, but there is still hope for the land.

Papalymo: We must hold fast to that hope and fight to the very last.

Yda: Agreed!

Vision Pt. 3

Yda: Waaah!

Yda: Ack! Stupid things...

Papalymo: These stupid things happen to be the very latest in Sharlayan innovation! Show some respect!

Yda: But they're so uncomfortable and... and... ugly!

Papalymo: If you ask me, they're an improvement over that mask of yours.

Yda: <sigh> Hard to believe it's already been five whole years, isn't it?

Papalymo: Already? Five years is but a heartbeat in the life of the planet!

Yda: I suppose you're right... Now that I think about it, the Twelveswood's barely recovered at all, and the Gridanians still have the same old problems.

Papalymo: Aye, along with some new ones. Just in case the Ixal and Garuda weren't troublesome enough, the sylphs had to go and invite Ramuh, didn't they?

Yda: ...Do you ever think about those adventurers who fought alongside us? I do. And then five years seems like ages... I wonder what became of them.

Yda: Ah...

Papalymo: Yda, look.

Yda: Hm?

Yda: Golly! ...And this is what, exactly?

Papalymo: Yet another disturbance in the aether, and freshly manifested at that.

Papalymo: It seems to be emanating from Lifemend Stump. We must hurry!

Back to the Present

Yda: Are you all right? Your eyes glazed over for a while there.

Papalymo: The good news is that the Hearer is unharmed. Somewhat dazed, yes, but whole of mind and body. The bad news... concerns everything else.

Papalymo: Lest you forget, the Twelveswood is the domain of the elementals; it is by their leave that man abides in the forest and avails himself of its bounty. The ground which the dungeon occupies is no different.

Papalymo: Having no more use for the dungeon, the Gridanians sent a Hearer to offer the place back to the elementals by way of the Rite of Returning, which is essentially an expression of gratitude.

Papalymo: Alas, he failed to complete the ritual for obvious reasons.

Papalymo: While the poor soul cannot be blamed for this, the fact remains that unless the elementals are given their due, they may well consider it a slight. And the very last thing the Gridanians can afford to do in these uncertain times is risk alienating the Twelveswood's eternal guardians.

Papalymo: But you have more than done your part. We shall see the Hearer to safety, and send for his peers to finish the rite.

Papalymo: In the meantime, please make your way outside and report to Alestan.

Papalymo: Ah, but where are my manners?

Papalymo: I am Papalymo, and the tactless woman beside me here is-

Yda: Yda!

Yda: Papalymo and I are surveying the Twelveswood together!

Yda: Pleased to meet you!

Papalymo: Yda, give me a hand, would you?

Papalymo: Wait. There is something... familiar about you. Could it be that you are...?

Papalymo: N-Never mind. Doubtless my eyes are playing tricks. Till we meet again!

Report to Alestan

Alestan: All this happened inside Spirithold? Twelve preserve us...

Alestan: Who was that masked mage, and by what dark ambition is he driven? SO many things shrouded in mystery...

Alestan: Well, I shan't find any answers on my own. I must needs discuss this with Galfrid. The matter warrants a full investigation, if I am any judge, and that shall certainly be my recommendation.

Alestan: Your courage has saved many lives this day, adventurer. For this you have my deepest gratitude.

Alestan: Pray return to Gridania and seek out Miounne.

Alestan: I understand she wishes to thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

Speak with Miounne

Miounne: Welcome back, Adventurer. A little bird tells me that the Hearer and his party owe you their lives.

Miounne: A tale for the tavern if ever there were one! ...It is only a shame that I must ask you not to tell it - for the time being, at least. Do I make myself clear?

Miounne: Until the Hearers have made their will on the matter known, it would be best to avoid unsettling people with stories of walking statues.

Miounne: Now then, you must have suitable recompense for your valiant service.

Miounne: For the first half of your reward, I give you leave to make use of the accommodations here at the guild.

Miounne: Arrangements have been made, so all you need do is speak with Antoinaut whenever you crave the comfort of a firm bed and a soft pillow.

Miounne: For the second half of your reward, I offer you another path to fame and fortune: guildleves.

Miounne: Guildleves are records of the various requests we receive from the citizenry. They outline all manner of tasks which ambitious young adventurers like you can elect to undertake.

Miounne: Gontrant is our guildleve official, or "levemete," here at the Carline Canopy. I have spoken with him regarding your knack for solving challenging problems, and he is eager to make your acquaintance.

Miounne: By the way, have you perchance heard about the coming festival? It is truly a splendid occasion, looked forward to by young and old alike, and I heartily recommend that you take the time to enjoy.

Miounne: Don't be too disappointed if the recent troubles cast a shadow over proceedings, however. I fear nothing short of the mysterious interloper's apprehension can prevent that...

Miounne: But we were talking about you, Adventurer. You have made Mother proud. I expect great things of you, young man/lady!