Spirithold Broken

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Spirithold Broken

Spirithold Broken Image.png
Quest giver
Central Shroud (X:23, Y:19)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 6,480
Gil 206
Previous quest
A Soldier's Breakfast
Next quest
On to Bentbranch
Leves of Bentbranch

Galfrid, chief instructor at the Bannock, would entrust you with the task of investigating Spirithold.

— In-game description




  • Rescue the Hearer.


  • You learn that a party of conjurers and their Wood Wailer escort were attacked by a towering shadow while performing a sacred rite inside Spirithold. Report to Alestan, who stands guard at the dungeon's entrance, and request further orders.
  • While the majority of those who entered Spirithold have been evacuated, two conjurers, three Wood Wailers, and the Hearer remain unaccounted for. Locate the missing, and rescue any survivors.
  • Only the Hearer remains, somewhere in the dungeon's depths. Find him and ensure that he leaves Spirithold alive.
  • You encounter a mysterious masked mage who unleashes a clay golem upon you. After a desperate struggle, you manage to dispatch the automaton just as Yda and Papalymo arrive, their presence triggering yet another inexplicable vision inside your mind. Though your soul cries out for answers, this is neither the time nor place to ask questions. Report to Alestan outside Spirithold.
  • Alestan listens intently as you recount all that unfolded within Spirithold. Understandably concerned, the Wood Wailer promises to investigate the masked mage, and bids you return to Gridania and speak with Miounne.
  • Safely back in Gridania, you relate your tale to Miounne, only for her to forbid you from repeating the story to others. What strange forces could be at work in the Twelveswood? Such matters are best left to the Hearers, it would seem. For now, take advantage of Miounne's introduction to guildleves, as well as her offer of guild accommodations, and prepare yourself for future adventures.

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